Yellowstone's New Spinoff Plan Teases How "Season 6" Can Continue Without Kevin Costner

’s spinoffs are just as prominent a fixture of the franchise as the main series, but one upcoming spinoff series could be the key to the flagship Western show’s future. Taylor Sheridan’s neo-Western , which follows the Dutton family’s battle to save their ranch, has been a major hit in recent years, which has led to spinoff series that have only heightened the franchise’s popularity. Although the franchise is bigger than ever, the main series is set to come to an end in 2024 with the premiere of , leaving its spinoffs with the responsibility of continuing the Duttons’ story.

Although Kevin Costner’s departure from the role of John Dutton has spelled the end for the main

show, new spinoffs ensure that the story of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch will live on. Recently, it was announced that : and . While many of the details surrounding these new series are up in the air, the announcement might tease a way to continue ’s story after its conclusion in a way none of the other spinoffs have before.

Yellowstone's "2024" Spinoff Sounds Suspiciously Like Yellowstone Season 6

Although will be coming to a close, the show might have found a way to continue its story beyond

season 5 part 2 through one of its newly announced spinoff series. ’s spinoffs typically provide insights into the history of the different generations of the Dutton Ranch, as seen through its already existing companion series and . The recently announced seems likely to continue this trend, but the other upcoming spinoff, , will be different to the other series, considering it’s set in the present day. Little is known about its story, but the implied timeline of sounds a little coincidental.

Given ’s finale has been pushed to November 2024, the spinoff series sounds suspiciously like a covert

season 6. If so, could be a clever way for the original flagship series to tie up any remaining loose ends from season 5 part 2 and continue the stories of the Dutton clan. Since the spinoff’s plot is still unknown, it’s also possible that could be the Matthew McConaughey-led spinoff series, or even something entirely new. However, centering around the main Dutton family could show a new path forward for the original show and its spinoff formula.

is available to stream on Paramount+.

How 2024 Can Continue Yellowstone's Story Without Kevin Costner

Provided does center around the Dutton family featured in the main series, the spinoff could be a brilliant way to . could follow the Dutton kids, showing how they handle the preservation and maintenance of the family ranch in their father’s absence. It could also tie up any loose ends for the characters, like Jamie and Beth’s continuing feud, Kayce’s struggle with how to handle his family’s future, and Jamie’s political dealings. Though Kevin Costner’s departure as John Dutton has led to 's conclusion, 2024 might be the ticket to rebooting the series formula and keep telling the Duttons’ story beyond season 5.

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