Valerie Bertinelli Seemingly REACTS to Matthew Perry's Make Out Claim!

Actress Valerie Bertinelli appears to have responded to actor Matthew Perry's recent claim about their alleged make-out session during their time on the television show "Friends." The article focuses on Bertinelli's reaction to Perry's statement.

In a recent interview on a talk show, Perry had jokingly revealed that he once made out with Bertinelli, who guest-starred on the hit sitcom as Chandler Bing's (Perry) girlfriend, in the 1990s. He playfully added that he did not remember her enjoying the experience.

Bertinelli, known for her role on the long-running television series "One Day at a Time," took to her Instagram account to seemingly address Perry's remarks.

She posted a picture of herself laughing and added a caption that read, "So my #RevengeBody is coming along nicely! 💋."

Although not directly mentioning Perry or his comments, Bertinelli's post was widely interpreted as a light-hearted response to his remarks. Given the timing and the nature of her caption, fans speculated that she was playfully teasing Perry in return.

Bertinelli's apparent reaction gained attention from both fans and the media. Many people found her response amusing, with some praising her sense of humor.

This light-hearted exchange between Bertinelli and Perry is not the first time that the "Friends" cast has fondly reminisced about their time on the show. Over the years, they have frequently shared stories and anecdotes from their experiences on set, delighting fans who continue to hold the beloved sitcom in high regard.

As for Bertinelli, she has remained active in the entertainment industry since her days on "One Day at a Time." She has appeared in various television shows and has also become known for her work as a television host and a spokesperson for weight loss programs.

Although Bertinelli's response to Perry's claim was indirect, her playful Instagram post indicates that she took his statements in good humor. The exchange serves as a reminder of the strong camaraderie among the "Friends" cast and the enduring popularity of the show, even years after its conclusion.

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