Friends Cast Finally Speaks Up About the Tragic Passing of Matthew Perry

The cast of the popular television show Friends has spoken out about the death of their former co-star, Matthew Perry. In a recent interview, the cast members revealed their thoughts and feelings about the tragic news.

Matthew Perry, who famously portrayed the character Chandler Bing on the iconic sitcom, passed away on February 8th. The news of his death shocked fans around the world, and now his former Friends co-stars have come forward to share their thoughts.

Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green on the show, expressed her disbelief and sadness upon hearing the news of Perry's passing. She described him as a "comic genius" and stated that he brought so much joy and laughter to the set of Friends.

Aniston also fondly recalled their time working together and shared some heartwarming memories of Perry.

Courteney Cox, who portrayed Monica Geller on the show, also spoke about Perry's sudden death. She talked about their close bond over the years and how much she appreciated his talent and humor. Cox stated that working with Perry was always a pleasure and that he made the set of Friends a fun and enjoyable place to be.

Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, expressed her deep sorrow and memories of Perry.

She described him as a very special person and praised his incredible acting skills. Kudrow also emphasized the strong bond that the cast formed during their time on Friends and highlighted the impact that Perry had on all of them.

David Schwimmer, who portrayed Ross Geller on the show, shared his emotions upon hearing about Perry's death. He described Perry as a "brilliant and talented actor" and reflected on the amazing chemistry that the Friends cast had. Schwimmer also mentioned how much he would miss Perry's wit and humor.

Lastly, Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani, expressed his shock and sadness over the loss of his dear friend and colleague.

He talked about the special bond that they had and how much he admired Perry's talent and comedic timing. LeBlanc also shared that they had remained close after the show ended and that Perry will always hold a special place in his heart.

The news of Matthew Perry's death has deeply affected the Friends cast, who consider themselves a family. They have come together to mourn their loss and celebrate Perry's memory. The actors all expressed their love and gratitude for their time working with Perry and praised his contributions to the show. The beloved actor will always be remembered for his iconic portrayal of Chandler Bing and the joy he brought to millions of viewers worldwide.

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