Newest Walking Dead Villain & What He Wants Teased By Daryl Dixon Posters!

What Do Codron & His Group Want?

shows Codron being ordered by the leader of his group to find and kill Daryl. Somehow, this group has caught wind of Daryl's mission to deliver Laurent across the country and wants to stop him from doing so. It's currently unclear why Codron and his group want to stop Laurent from reaching his intended destination.

As Laurent has been described as important to humanity's future, it's possible the boy is somehow tied to a possible cure for the zombie virus. If so, then Codron and his group may want to control said cure, making them the most powerful survivor group in the country. Even if Laurent's purpose doesn't involve a cure, whatever information he has seems to be something Codron's group wants to control.

The power and reach of Codron's group is unknown, but it's clear he will be a formidable opponent for Daryl as he travels across France. However, it seems he is also just one small part of a larger plan, which will no doubt be revealed as the series continues. For now, all that's clear is 's human threat will be a major hurdle in Daryl's mission to deliver Laurent and return home.

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