Walking Dead: How Many People Are Still Alive In France Revealed!

New posters for seem to reveal how many survivors are left in France over a decade after the zombie apocalypse began. The new spinoff series follows Daryl after he's washed ashore overseas, tasked with delivering a young boy named Laurent across the country. Along the way, he is expected to encounter plenty of dangers in the form of both Walkers and humans.

Now, has released new posters for the , in which Laurent speculates about the number of survivors left in France.

The posters reveal there could be as few as 200,000 humans left alive in France, despite the country having a population of 67 million before the apocalypse.

Get a closer look at Laurent's posters below:

Why France Is So Dangerous In The Walking Dead Universe

It's no surprise the population of France has dropped so much, given how dangerous a location the country is during the zombie apocalypse. prove France has very dangerous variant Walkers throughout. This is further established by a post-credits scene in , which reveals faster, more aggressive zombies in Paris.

However, Daryl's new series will also include human threats in the form of a new group that's hunting him down, seemingly because they want to capture Laurent.

This group introduces the newest villain in universe, Codron, who leads a group to track Daryl down. Even though there aren't many humans left in France, it's clear the ones that are still around will be formidable dangers to Daryl's mission.

There is still plenty of mystery surrounding Daryl's journey in France, such as Laurent's true purpose and how Daryl ended up in the country. With only 200,000 people left alive in France, though, it seems most humans will be dangerous, hardened survivors. It remains to be seen how will address this in the show itself, and what this means for Daryl's new mission.

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