Friends Star Jennifer Aniston Talks About A ‘Difficult’ Actor On The Show: 'You’re Coming Into Our Home and Just Sh*t On It'

In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, Jennifer Aniston opened up about a difficult actor who appeared on the set of Friends and acted as if he was above the show. Aniston recounted how this actor would criticize the network run-throughs, calling the jokes stupid and not even funny. She expressed her disappointment in this behavior, stating that the actor had come into their home and "just shit on it."

However, Aniston also mentioned that the actor had apologized for his behavior years later, citing nerves as the reason for his actions. On a brighter note, Aniston also spoke about reuniting with Brad Pitt, saying that there was no oddness between them and they still speak.

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