All the Projects Matthew Perry and His Dad, John Bennett Perry, Both Starred In!

In a classic case of "like father, like son," Matthew Perry followed in the footsteps of his late father, John Bennett Perry, by pursuing a career in acting. Throughout their respective careers, the talented duo had the opportunity to collaborate on several projects, even portraying a father and son pair on two occasions.

One of the earliest instances of their collaboration was on the short-lived television series Home Free. Prior to landing his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the hit show Friends, Matthew appeared in this series, and his father made a guest appearance in one episode, portraying a judge.

The Perry men also had the chance to showcase their on-screen chemistry in the 1997 film Fools Rush In, where they brought the father-son relationship to life. Matthew fondly described this movie as "probably my best."

Their collaborations extended beyond film and television. In a memorable episode of the popular medical comedy-drama Scrubs in 2004, both Matthew and John Perry made cameo appearances, delighting fans with their joint presence.

Notably, both men had individual stints on the renowned political drama The West Wing.

John had his turn in 2001, while Matthew made recurring appearances in 2003. Although they did not share the screen together on the show, their shared experience added another layer of connection between father and son.

Of course, it would be remiss not to mention Matthew Perry's incredibly successful tenure on the beloved sitcom Friends. Throughout its ten seasons, the show featured numerous guest stars, including John Perry. In season 4, he portrayed the father of a man Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, briefly dated, contributing to the dynamic of the storyline.

The Perry legacy lives on through the shared projects and memorable performances of both father and son. Their collaborations not only showcased their undeniable talent but also reinforced the deep bond they shared both on and off-screen.

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