'1923': Listen to "1923 The Dawn" From the 'Yellowstone' Spin-Off Soundtrack!

When fans and critics say that spin-off and prequel series is , they’re referring to the story, superb acting of lead actors Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, the episodes’ overwhelming cinematography, and also one element that helps set the tone of that universe: Its soundtrack. As Season 1 of the acclaimed series reaches its final episodes, Milan Records shared with Collider an exclusive track which is part of the original score of the series released today, and we’re excited to reveal it to you so you can listen and appreciate it.

Titled “1923 The Dawn”, the extensive track composed by Brian Tyler and Breton Vivian has four distinct moments which, as it’s common in scores, can be cut and used in different scenes across the series. The track’s first part is greatly atmospheric, and with notes that tie into the opening credits (also composed by Tyler). The track then switches to different styles and stretches for seven minutes.

In an official statement, Tyler celebrated being part of the world and broke down what he aimed for when composing for :

“'1923' is my fourth project with the incredible creator and writer Taylor Sheridan, whose proclivity for creating stunning and historically accurate worlds has paved the way for creating the kind of music I love most. I endeavored to create an emotionally powerful and spiritually transcendent score that tells the story of the Dutton family at a time of change in America. The score is a mosaic of the noir excitement of speakeasies, the bittersweet struggle to maintain strength and independence on the ranch as civilization modernizes, the brutal displacement and Christianization of Natives, and the wild, animal-dominated landscape of Africa. I wanted this music to have all the tones of passion, intellectual curiosity, and a sense of awe. Collaborating with both Taylor Sheridan and Breton Vivian continues to be an amazing experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on another incredible project with both of them.”

Tyler and Vivian are veterans. They composed the score for several episodes of the flagship series across all five seasons, as well as all episodes from the acclaimed spin-off . Tyler also worked on music from high-profile titles like , , , and .

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