Outlander: What Is Vir Meus and Why Is It Important?!?

Season 6’s shocking ending meant that Starz’s season 7 needed to reunite Jamie and Claire after Richard Brown’s machinations separated them, and the secret message Claire sent Tom Christie, "," was instrumental in that. The fantasy drama always included different languages throughout its seven seasons, not only because of Jamie’s language being Gaelic originally but also because of the trips Jamie and Claire were on through the years in . Still, the coded message within the list of equipment Claire needed to care for Mrs. Martins was instrumental in getting Tom Christie’s attention to her whereabouts and what Claire wanted.

Jamie usually tended to call Claire in endearing ways, and ’s own pilot bore the title “Sassenach,” which was how Jamie initially called Claire because of her English background. However, through the years also came “” and “,” which meant brown-haired woman and my heart, respectively, and which Jamie solely used in relation to Claire. The nature of having to pass a coded message put Claire in the situation of having to refer to Jamie in another, less conspicuous way, and that eventually led her to use “” to let Christie know that she wanted to contact Jamie and let him know where she was.

Vir Meus Is Latin For My Husband

“” in Claire’s list of equipment in the premiere literally translates to “” The locution tended to be used primarily to mean a man in relation to a woman, thus meaning husband, even if “” could have also just meant man. Using Latin was especially clever of Claire, as she had to make sure Tom Christie would have understood whom he needed to call without being discovered by Governor Martin. The use of Latin worked incredibly well because Christie being a man of faith clearly understood the meaning, while the messenger might not have, expecting a list of things and not checking it thoroughly.

Claire Knew Only Jamie Could Save Her

Claire calling for Jamie with her coded message for Christie hints at her knowing only Jamie could have saved her. season 1 already established Jamie’s willingness to save Claire, even if he knew she felt divided by the affection for both him and Frank Randall. Not only did Jamie plan and execute Claire’s rescue at Fort William from Blackjack Randall midway through Outlander season 1, despite knowing that could have put his and his men’s lives in danger, but he also offered himself to Blackjack Randall to save Claire’s life. As Jamie already loved Claire, he chose to be captured by Blackjack even if that meant certain torture.

Claire’s certainty that Jamie would have done anything to save her was built over time. season 2’s finale was undoubtedly a turning point, as knowing that he had to fight the impending battle of Culloden and could have died, Jamie chose separation and sending Claire back to the future over leaving her alone after his death in the 1700s. Although Jamie survived the battle, the choice made to protect Claire and Brianna essentially separated them for roughly twenty years, proving once again in season 2 the lengths Jamie would have gone to ensure Claire was safe.

While relocating to America meant an easier and happier life for a while, also because Roger and Brianna were with them, the Browns’ arrival eventually gave Claire another reason to believe she could have always relied on Jamie in

season 5. Lionel Brown’s revenge against Claire for her impersonation of Dr. Rawlings had Jamie organize a party to find and save her. Claire’s harrowing abduction and assault were not only materially stopped by Jamie’s arrival, but he also did his best to help her through her trauma. Throughout , Jamie proved time and time again that there were very few things he wouldn’t have done to save Claire.

Tom Christie's Confession Is What Saved Claire

Governor Martin’s request to gather soldiers for the British in the would have never been accepted by Jamie, especially as he knew that side would have lost eventually.

Despite being willing to set a plan in motion to get Claire from the HMS Cruizer, Claire’s murder charge wouldn’t have been dropped unless the murderer was discovered, as escaping would have meant a life running away from the law. Tom Christie confessing to Malva’s murder essentially freed Claire, even if neither Jamie nor Claire believed it to be the truth.

Jamie would have saved Claire even without Christie offering himself up as the murderer, although it would have taken longer in season 7. However, Tom Christie’s confession provided an explanation for his and Claire’s suspicious illness in season 6, and it also gave him the chance to confess his unrequited love for Claire. As they spent season 6 on opposite sides due to Christie’s faith and Claire’s science, hearing that Christie found Claire righteous in season 7 essentially gave their story the perfect ending.

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