The Biggest Betrayals In The Walking Dead We Still Think About

Treachery was a common occurrence in The Walking Dead, with characters constantly betraying one another. From Negan's right-hand man Simon turning against him to Carol killing Tyreese's friends and getting banished by Rick, betrayal was a major theme throughout the series. Shane, too, betrayed Rick by getting Otis killed and later trying to kill Rick himself. 

Daryl and Maggie also turned against Rick by plotting to kill Negan behind his back. Eugene betrayed both Rick's group and the Saviors, first by deciding to stay with Negan and then by sabotaging their ammunition. Nicholas caused the death of Noah by sacrificing him to save himself, while Dwight ultimately betrayed Negan and helped bring about his downfall. One of the most significant betrayals came from Jadis, who turned against Rick and the Alexandrians after striking a deal with Negan. These acts of treachery demonstrate the complex and morally ambiguous nature of the characters in The Walking Dead.

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