'Yellowstone' Star Wes Bentley Teases Season 5: 'Burn It Down'

David Oyelowo is set to star in 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, a six-part limited series about the legendary lawman who's believed to be the inspiration for The Lone Ranger. The upcoming series is a spin-off of the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill-led 1883, which aired its finale in February.

"When I spoke to Taylor about this being a passion project of mine, it became very clear he was a perfect partner because he knew the history, almost more than I did, despite me having researched it for quite a while," Oyelowo previously told ET of Taylor Sheridan, who created Yellowstone and its spin-offs. "His authentic approach to this world and that time is also something that is invaluable.

I just felt like I was talking to someone who got just how right we had to get this."

While Hauser remained tightlipped about his 1883 role, he was happy to discuss playing Rip Wheeler, telling ET that he'll continue with his Yellowstone character "as long as Taylor continues to write like a bad a** that he is."

Getting a chance to celebrate the series with his family, along with the show's cast and crew, at the premiere was a joy for the actor.

"Being here with my family in New York, just the experience of it all," Hauser said of the best part of Yellowstone's success. "... I'm in Montana for six months out of the year, so to  come out here and really see the people, and see how much they care about the show, and just be around the acknowledgment, it's been a pleasure."

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