20 Times Bro Loves about Joey And Chandler On 'Friends'! My Favorite Couple!

20. Joey Moves In

Three years before the show's pilot, Chandler struggled to find a new roommate, and after some bizarre interference from Mr. Heckles, Chandler reluctantly lets Joey move in with him. However, they quickly bond once Joey introduces Chandler to Baywatch, and with that, their legendary bromance was born. 

19. The Free Porn


While Joey and Chandler are watching TV, they somehow get free access to the porn channel, and they try to keep it on for as long as possible. Immersing themselves in a "porn bubble," they both lose their grip on reality until they decide they have to turn off the TV. Since their friendship was born from their mutual attraction to women, watching them guard their porn with their lives is funny to watch.

18. London Tour


During the season 4 finale, Joey takes Chandler on a tour through London, but the introverted Chandler hates his touristy behavior and feels embarrassed. This is the case when Joey repeatedly tries to film him on his camcorder, with Chandler doing whatever he can to avoid being filmed. Joey is basically the wife who tries to drag her grumpy husband into seeing the sights while on vacation, and Chandler is that husband.

17. Riding the Dog

After winning Rachel and Monica's apartment in a trivia contest, Joey and Chandler immediately move into their new place in a spectacularly funny manner. Rolling in on their ceramic dog, like Napoleon crossing the Alps, both men make a memorable entrance into their new kingdom, but we all know that their rule doesn't last long.

16. Joey Saves His Sandwich


Chandler is mad at Joey for diving to save Ross instead of him when they thought a gun was fired. However, Joey somehow makes him feel better by revealing that he was actually trying to save his sandwich. Given that Joey doesn't share food, letting Chandler take a bite of it shows how much of a friend he is to Joey.


15. In the Bathroom


When Joey convinces Chandler to go on a blind double date with him, the two of them are horrified to learn that Chandler's date is his ex-girlfriend, Janice. Only Joey could screw Chandler like this, and though his intentions were good, Joey got what was coming to him when Chandler shouted in his face at the urinal.

14. Packing Break


As Monica and Chandler prepare to move out of their apartment, we see the latter punching Joey in the head while it's padded with bubble wrap. Even after ten seasons together, they both can't help but act like little kids, and their antics have never ceased to make us laugh.

13. Joey Dresses As Chandler

In this Halloween episode, Joey surprises everyone by dressing up as Chandler. Complete with a sweater vest and khakis, Joey does an incredible impression of him just by twisting his face and saying, "BLAH." It's amazing how Joey does and doesn't act like Chandler at the same time, and it's hilarious that everyone but Chandler thinks it's spot on.

12. Taking Care of the Chick


When Joey adopts a baby chick, his friendship with Chandler becomes strained as they try to take care of it. He eventually argues with Joey over not looking after their chick, making them look like a married couple. The show has repeatedly made jokes about how close Joey and Chandler are as friends, but having them be parents to a chick, and later a duck ,made them the perfect couple.

11. The One Where They Lost Ben


When Ross gets an allergic reaction, Joey and Chandler offer to babysit Ben while he's in the hospital. Of course, they get mistaken for a gay couple while they're out with Ben, and they end up leaving him on a bus. Both men scramble to get him back, but just when they think they found him, they still have to figure out which baby is Ben. The fact that they couldn't even flip a coin to decide shows how ridiculous this duo is together.

10. Joey's Snoring


Chandler can't sleep when Joey develops a terrible snore. After suffering a couple of bad nights, and seeing Joey's private parts, Chandler forces him to go to a clinic, where he passes out like a giant baby. We've all had a roommate that has kept us up all night, and the show hysterically captures this feeling as Chandler deals with this snoozing man-child.

9. Making the Entertainment Unit

When Joey starts working on making a place for the mail, somehow, he decides to build an entire entertainment unit. But since this is Joey we're talking about, he wreaks havoc throughout the apartment, sawing through Chandler's door, nearly drilling through his head, and ruins Chandler's pants. In the end, Joey realizes the unit is too big, and Chandler punishes him by trapping him inside it.

8. The Guys Get Robbed


When Joey tries to sell his entertainment unit, one of the buyers tricks him into getting locked inside it so he can rob them. And when Chandler returns home, he rips Joey a new one for foolishly falling into this trap. Joey's stupidity has always come back to bite him and Chandler in the butt, yet this blunder cost them the most, as it left them with nothing but a canoe and some old patio furniture.

7. Chandler in a Box

​​​​After Chandler kisses Joey's girlfriend, Kathy, the former decides to show Joey how sorry he is by putting himself in a box. The ridiculous lengths Chandler goes to stay friends with Joey tells us just how much he loves him. And when Kathy comes to say goodbye to Chandler, Joey sets his friend free so he can be happy, proving that their friendship can survive almost anything.

6. Joey's Friendship Bracelet


When Joey buys him an ugly bracelet, Chandler pretends to like his gift until it makes him lose a date with a woman. But after Joey hears Chandler make fun of it, the latter promises he'll keep wearing it, only to learn that he lost it. In a hilarious bit of karma, Chandler buys a replacement bracelet, only to learn that Rachel found the original. And in a moment of desperation, Chandler proves his friendship to Joey by giving him the second bracelet under the impression that they're "bracelet buddies."

5. The One Where Joey Moves Out


After Joey moves out of the apartment, he and Chandler begin to suffer the loneliness of living without each other. Unable to play ping pong or foosball together, they end up staring outside windows as it rains outside (although Joey puts a side-splitting spin on this trope). And with Eric Carmen singing "All By Myself" in the background, you really feel the sadness these friends have now that they're no longer roommates.

4. The Guys Get New Chairs


After getting a check from 

Days of Our Lives, Joey celebrates by buying him and Chandler new lounge chairs, which they christen in a hysterical moaning fashion. They spend the rest of the episode glued to their seats and the TV, refusing to turn around or get up for even a second. They eventually devolve into laughing like Beavis and Butthead and ignoring the fire alarm going off in their building.

3. Time to Watch Baywatch


Even after Joey moves out of the apartment, he and Chandler remain the best of friends. So much so, we learn they have a timer set so they can see 

Baywatch together as they talk on the phone. Since this show helped both men become friends in the first place, it's fitting they would continue to watch it even when they're living apart.

2. Joey Moves Back In


After Chandler's insane roommate, Eddie, refuses to move out, Chandler locks him out of the apartment and pretends he doesn't know him. Chandler also claims that he already has a roommate, and we are all thrilled to see that Joey has returned. Seeing the two of them jump around and hug each other makes us all glad to see these best friends together again.

1. Fighting Over A Chair


As the gang gets prepared for Ross's museum function, Joey and Chandler fight over who gets to sit in the chair that the latter got up from. To mess with each other, Chandler sits on Joey's lap, Joey steals the chair cushions, and Chandler steals Joey's underwear. But Joey gets back at Chandler by wearing all of Chandler's clothes at once and starts doing lunges without any underpants. This is hands down Joey and Chandler at their most childish, making it their best moment in the entire show.

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