Surprised And Shocked! Luka Doncic Waiting For A Text Back From Jennifer Aniston ! Can't Wait to Date?

Luka Doncic, like most men, has a crush on Jennifer Aniston. He was recently quoted in a story by Bleacher Report as saying, "I hear she's single now. I mean, she's nice. I just like her." Has he heard from the recently divorced Ms. Aniston?

We interrupt your daily dose of the San Antonio Spurs and Kawhi Leonard news with this nugget from one of the NBA's top draft prospects.

Not only is Luka Doncic living his best life at such a young age, but he sets humongous goals to get the best out of life as he heads into the NBA.

For example, the 19 year old Slovenian phenom could potentially be the number one overall pick in Thursday’s 2018 NBA Draft.

This season he won EuroLeague MVP, EuroLeague Final Four MVP, EuroLeague Player of the Week four times, first-team All-League, EuroLeague Player of the Month once, and the EuroLeague Rising Star award as he leads his team to another championship.

Before making the jump to the NBA, Doncic has already assigned himself with some top notch goals starting with his love life.

And he has his eyes on actress Jennifer Anniston.

“I hear she’s single now,” Doncic recently told  for a lengthy profile. “I mean, she’s nice. I just like her.”

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take kid so why not start with an icon like Aniston? Forget the age difference,between the two this kid has confidence like no other 19 year old.

Oh and he wants to win an NBA title, win rookie of the Year, star in a Drake video, bring financial stability to his home country as well and so much more now that he is in the NBA.

Keep reaching for the stars Luka!

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