Kaley Cuoco Completely Lost It When The Cast Of Big Bang Theory Reunited With The Cast Of Friends

Both and had quite the runs, creating massive fanbases along the way. Despite the fact that both shows have come to an end, they will continue to be consumed for years to come.

Not only did the shows have many comparisons but it turns out, the star of Kaley Cuoco was a major admirer of .

We'll take a look at their relationship and what happened when the two shows united at a certain award show.

Kaley Cuoco Is A Huge Fan Of Jennifer Aniston

In fact, when she started off in Hollywood, Cuoco briefly worked alongside Aniston, who was already an established name at that point.

"First day at our new stages.. walked to my dressing room and what movie poster do I see framed right outside my door? starring @jenniferaniston," Cuoco began.

"Little known fact this was one of the first 'parts' I was ever cast in as a kid.. I was the last name in the credits (credited as 'little girl').. when I saw the movie, they had cut my one line, but all I remember is spending the entire day convincing myself to tell Jen how much I loved her. (was my life at that point)."

According to Cuoco, meeting Aniston was an incredible experience then, and the same holds true today.

"She was a gem to me then and a gem to me now (and to everyone she knows) funny to see this full circle moment. You never know where life will take you , or [whose] life you will touch along the way," the actress told

Not only did Cuoco get to meet Aniston, but she would also star on a sitcom similar to Aniston.

Big Bang Theory And Friends Had Lots Of Similarities

On platforms like , fans have discussed lots of similarities between and . Both sitcoms enjoyed monumental runs, with lasting ten seasons while went for 12. In truth, both shows could have lasted longer, as fans will continue to binge reruns for years to come.

which includes relationships.

"The most unlikely relationships end up being the most stable 👰🤵‍ Who would have thought in season three of The Big Bang Theory that that sweet, tender Bernadette would end up with a sex date like Howard?"

"On the other hand, who would have thought that since the first season of Friends, that sarcastic Chandler, with his limited day-to-day cleanliness and order, who almost never ate a doughnut, would end up with that obsessive Monica of order and cleanliness?"

Fans also linked Penny and Rachel's characters, and how they fell in love with scientists.

"In the case of everyone is a scientist, but it is worth noting that relationship that seemed taboo between scientist-freak and pretty girl that was always in the institute top. That’s the case with Leonard-Penny and Ross-Rachel."

The Friends And Big Bang Theory Casts Met At The Special Must See TV: A Tribute to James Burrows Event

It was quite the moment for the cast, as they were introduced to the TV icons from, just without Chandler. Cuoco was in shock when it came the moment, "“Ummmm NIGHT MADE.

Can’t breathe #friends meets #bbt @bigbangtheory_cbs I died and went to heaven.”

Johnny Galecki would also share a post to Instagram of the moment which took place at a special James Burrows event.

The actor captioned the moment, "And then this happened."

It was a special moment for all those involved and one that certainly got fans thinking, especially when it would come to the potential of both shows combining. At the very least, we'll always have this picture as a 'what if'.

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