🐂⏳ Yellowstone Timeline: Founding of Dutton Ranch to Present Day

🌄 1883: The Dutton Ranch is founded by James and Margaret Dutton, who chose the land at Paradise Valley. Their daughter, Elsa, tragically dies from a poisoned Lakota arrow during a skirmish caused by settlers destroying an Indigenous settlement.

⌛️ Between 1883 and 1923: Jacob Dutton takes charge of the ranch in 1894 and turns it into a thriving ranching empire. He becomes the livestock commissioner and steers the family toward success.

🔥 1923: Jacob and Cara Dutton struggle to keep the ranch running through the dark times of the early 20th century. Spencer, the youngest son, has chosen to hunt in Namibia, leaving the family to face the challenges alone.

🎬 1944: A rumored WW2-era spinoff called "1944" may bridge the gap between 1923 and present-day Yellowstone, potentially featuring John Dutton's father and other characters from 1923.

📅 1960s: A prequel set in the 1960s is reportedly in early development, exploring how John Dutton was raised and potentially explaining the origin of the ranch's cowboy branding.

⚰️ Before Yellowstone Season 1: Evelyn Dutton, John's wife, tragically dies in 1997 due to a horse accident, shaping the childhood trauma experienced by their daughter Beth.

⏳ Yellowstone Season 1: Set in 2017, Lee Dutton's death triggers territorial disputes with the neighboring reservation. Beth, Jamie, Kayce, and John face various threats while protecting their ranch and family.

⏳ Yellowstone Seasons 2-3: These seasons take place in 2018, with the Duttons combating the Beck brothers' attacks and dealing with internal family tensions and betrayals.

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