Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg Talks Show's Future Beyond Season 14 Amid Pay Cuts!

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg talks about the show's future beyond season 14 amid recent pay cuts. The actor portrays Danny, a detective with some impulsive tendencies who lost his wife Linda (Amy Carlson) in a helicopter crash. Having maintained steady ratings through more than 250 episodes, Blue Bloods was renewed for season 14 in March, but those involved reportedly accepted a pay cut, allowing the series to continue.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Wahlberg shared that he is "an optimist" and wants to see the show carry on in the future with a long run like Law and Order: SVU. Read Wahlberg's comments regarding Blue Bloods' future below:

Law and Order: SVU, I mean, Ice-T and Mariska Hargitay have been going for gosh, so many years and we hope to last as long as they have...One of the things I've done is I try to just stay very present in each episode and take each script that comes my way and say, 'OK, what's gonna happen now? You know, what am I doing this week?' And kind of find the journey in that particular episode and not get caught up in what's gonna happen next year, what's gonna happen in two years.

How Blue Bloods Could Continue Beyond Season 14

While viewership numbers might have gone down over the years, they are still relatively strong compared to other police procedurals, including Law and Order: SVU. The series has been successful on CBS and, backed by a devoted fanbase, an extension beyond season 14 seems possible, especially if the cast continues to take pay cuts to keep it on television. With the Blue Bloods' season 13 finale set to air in May, audiences are anticipating the return of Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito) and Nicky Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle), and other appearances from former stars could potentially lead to more interest.

Wahlberg's comments about wanting to continue the show suggest that he and his co-stars enjoy working on Blue Bloods. The series' focus on family, along with its exploration of the different jobs that make up New York City's justice system, appears to be a concept that can go on for a while. It will be interesting to see what occurs when season 14 premieres and if it seems to build towards some sort of conclusion.

As long as ratings remain strong and audiences are engaged with the stories and characters of Blue Bloods, the series could see additional seasons, though there are likely other factors that go into the decision-making process. Wahlberg's optimism offers hope that an extended run is possible, though. One of the greatest barriers to a show remaining on the air is often a lack of interest from the actors, and it's clear at least one of Blue Bloods' stars is keen to see it go on for years to come.

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