Top 10 Friends Mistakes That Were Left in the Show You Don't Know!

The article discusses the top 10 mistakes made in the television show "Friends" that were not edited or corrected before the final version aired. Despite the show's immense popularity, these mistakes went unnoticed by the cast, crew, and viewers alike.

The first mistake on the list is in the pilot episode when Rachel bursts into Central Perk wearing a wedding dress. She had just left her wedding ceremony, but her outfit doesn't make sense because she didn't have time to change. Another mistake in the pilot is the ever-changing apartment that Monica lives in. The set for her apartment changes from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom, which confuses the audience.

The second mistake occurs in season 2 when Chandler and Joey are discussing Joey's experiences with women. Chandler jokingly asks if Joey has ever slept with the woman on their fridge, referring to a magnet featuring a female figure. However, the magnet is not on the fridge during the conversation, causing a continuity error.

The third mistake relates to Ross and Rachel's breakup in season 3. When Rachel discovers Ross cheated on her, she accidentally switches her hair color from blonde to brunette in a matter of hours. This inconsistency baffled many viewers, not understanding how a hair transformation could happen so quickly.

The fourth mistake is about Phoebe's pregnancy storyline in season 4. In one episode, Phoebe claims she is a vegetarian, but in a later episode, she is shown eating meat. This inconsistency puzzled fans who were keen on details.

In season 5, a mistake occurs when Joey refers to Chandler by his real name, "Matthew." This slip-up breaks the fourth wall, reminding the audience that they are watching actors perform.

The sixth mistake takes place in season 6 when Ross, Rachel, and Joey are trying to move Ross' new couch into his apartment.

Ross yells "pivot!" repeatedly during the scene, but the mistake lies in Joey's struggle to understand what Ross is saying. This misunderstanding becomes repetitive and loses its humor.

The seventh mistake is in season 7 when Monica and Chandler are searching for a house to buy. In one episode, they tour a potential house, but the layout shown does not match the exterior shots of the house. This inconsistency in set design went unnoticed during production.

The eighth mistake occurs in season 8 when Monica is telling a story about Thanksgiving. She claims Chandler called her fat, but in a previous Thanksgiving episode, he tells her she's not fat.

This inconsistency in their storyline caused confusion among fans.

The ninth mistake happens in season 9 during Ross and Rachel's argument about their dating history. Ross claims they never had a "break," but fans clearly remember the iconic line "we were on a break." This contradiction by Ross sparked debate among viewers.

The final mistake is in the show's last season when Joey visits Chandler's new apartment, unit 19. However, throughout the series, Chandler's apartment was mentioned as unit 4. This inconsistency in the apartment numbering went unnoticed, adding to the list of mistakes.

In conclusion, the article highlights various mistakes that occurred in the television show "Friends" and were not corrected before the episodes aired. These mistakes range from continuity errors in set design to inconsistencies in character storylines. Despite the show's immense popularity and the attention to detail that goes into its production, these mistakes slipped through the cracks and remained in the final version of the show.

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