Jennifer Aniston once told drew Barrymore that in the past she was being judged, ‘You come to a point in life when you’re like, who cares?’

Jennifer Aniston has thoroughly enjoyed her role as the tough-talking, shrewd morning show host Alex Levy on The Morning Show.

And the Friends informed Drew Barrymore on stage at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles on Monday that portraying Alex had been more beneficial to her mental health than years of treatment.

The ex-wife of Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux stated that she no longer cares what others say about her portrayal of an angry woman on the Apple TV+ series, as she no longer gives a “rat’s ass” about opinions.

One of the episode debuted The Drew Barrymore Show’s second season.

What are you channelling in The Morning Show, since it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen from you as an actress and in your body of work?

Jennifer responded, ‘It was mostly a matter of revisiting some of the shadows and blind spots I had stored in a particular file, confronting them head-on, and releasing them.’

In addition, the We’re The Millers star described it as “fantastic treatment, better than any professional therapist I’ve seen for years.”

Jennifer said that Levy is a combination of her closest character and the recipient of some of her most profound truths. Drew inquired if Levy was the character closest to her. Or if she had bestowed upon her some of her deepest truths.

The pinup stated, “Alex Levy is a person, perhaps someone in particular, whom I have encountered in my life.”

“Persons, or a combination of people, whom I have seen and reflected upon,” “I never intended to do that.” I do not wish to be like that. ”

Then there is tapping into the part of you that wants to scream into your pillow. Which I had never been able to do until I did it in front of 150 crew members.

In the past, she would not have let you do that.

“I didn’t know how to and preferred to talk things through, have sensible dialogue. Since nothing can be accomplished with a screamer.” I’m going to shut down, shut down, and shut down.

She stated that she believes she has nothing to lose at this point.

“As you get older, you reach a point where you simply don’t give a rat’s ***,” added Aniston.

Drew stated, “I appreciate you sharing it with the public because it’s therapeutic for us to watch.” I’m serious; I marvel. I am amazed, I admire, I marvel.’

They also discussed their friend, Adam Sandler. Jennifer has collaborated with the Just Go With It… and Murder Mystery actors.

Furthermore, Drew and Adam produced The Wedding Singer and First 50 Dates.

Jennifer referred to him as the Sandman and stated, “He is a unicorn because he is happy, walks with joy, lives with pleasure, and does not become depressed.” True, comedians may be cranky.

Drew then stated that there was a Twitter argument over which actress is a better match for Adam Sandler: Jennifer Aniston or Drew Barrymore.

Jennifer Aniston responded, “Oh well, that’s a no-brainer.” “Bros before hoes” is a popular expression among men.

Drew said, “Oh my God, I was about to say hoes before brothers.”

Then, Aniston responded, “Always.”

Then Barrymore stated, “And that is sisterhood.” And we’ve had that, and you’ve had it with your friends, and we celebrated it. And I adored it because it was the truth.’

Drew and Jennifer also played Let’s Make a Deal with guest host Wayne Brady to raise money for Wagmore Pets Dog Rescue.

And Drew surprised Drew-Gooder Dolores Sheen, co-founder of the Sheenway School & Cultural Center in Los Angeles, with $20,000 for the school.

Weekdays will include fresh episodes of The Drew Barrymore Show. The second season premieres on Monday, September 13. Visit the Drew Barrymore Show’s website for air times.

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