YOU KNOW Why Chance the Rapper Says Kelly Clarkson Is His Biggest Competition on The Voice?

Season 23 of is just around the corner, and newbie Coach Chance the Rapper gave an interview with NBC Insider about his thoughts on the show.

“I wanted to be a Coach on The Voice because I like giving platforms to young Artists especially people who are already seasoned in their trade and know what they’re doing but just need the right spotlight. I wanted to be a part of the process,” he explained.

He then went on to reveal which Coach he has his eye out for during his season. (He'll be joined by , , and . Season 23 is Shelton's last as a Coach.) 

“I think my biggest competition amongst the Coaches is probably Kelly, 'cause she’s a seasoned vet, she’s won a bunch of times, and people just gravitative towards her ‘cause they know she’s been in a competition.

She’s mega famous,” he said.

“But imma still win though,” he added with confidence.   

When it comes to what he’s looking forward to as Coach, Chance said, “I think I’m most excited to see the Battle Rounds just to see my team battle it out for a spot, duet a song they may be unfamiliar with, and turn it into their own. That’s, like, what this whole show is about: showing what your vocal feels like on these big, famous records. That’s gonna make for good TV, for sure.”

He also gave some insightful advice for Contestants trying out. “My advice to the Artists who are 'gonna audition is be yourself, y’know what I mean? Remind yourself that you’re gonna be on TV regardless, so sing out and sing loud.

Do exactly what you came in to do. Carry that confidence that got you to this point. I’m sure we’ll see you in the next round.”

In another , Kelly Clarkson herself said she's still determined to come out on top. "Will I go any easier on Blake knowing it's his last season? Do you know me at all? No!" she said while laughing. "Do I hope secretly that he wins his last season? Maybe. But am I going to let him have it? No! I'm going to work for my Artists, and I hope they win!"

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