Blue Bloods Fans Can't Shake The Season 13 Finale's Very Scary People Vibes

Donnie Wahlberg, known for his role as Danny Reagan in "Blue Bloods," also hosts and executive produces the true crime series "Very Scary People." Fans of both shows saw similarities between the recent Season 13 finale of "Blue Bloods" and the content of "Very Scary People," which premiered its fifth season in April 2023. The episode featured a serial killer named Dr. Leonard Walker, who had been caught by Danny and Maria in the past but was released due to lack of evidence. As he continued to kill using his signature rituals, viewers noted how similar it was to the stories of real-life serial killers showcased on "Very Scary People." In an interview, Wahlberg acknowledged that his role on "Blue Bloods" influenced his decision to work on "Very Scary People," as it gave him credibility to host a show about notorious serial killers.