Supernatural: 7 Heroes Fans Hated and 8 Villains They Loved!

Supernatural Villains That Fans Loved


While most fans agree that went seriously downhill and that season 15 was no groundbreaking piece of television, Chuck still made for a beloved villain, especially when considering his role in the Kripke era.

Chuck was a part of numerous iconic moments, such as "Fare The Well" and his return in "Fan Fiction, and had a great dynamic - both as a good and bad guy - with Team Free Will. He is simultaneously a whiny, petulant child but memorable and often hilarious as

. Fans were ecstatic to see him defeated, yet he is remembered far more fondly than many heroes in the show.

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode in on their various steeds in season 5 of and instantly blew fans away, especially Death, whose entrance remains one of greatest moments.

War was chaotic and a joy to watch. Famine was revolting and eerie but worked brilliantly. Pestilence was also a disgusting enemy, but with cunning and ruthlessness that made him pretty great.

Then, Death, just an iconic character that is hard even to deem a straight-up villain. The four never share the screen but still leave an impression on fans with their individual appearances.


Meg was one of the original villains, debuting in the first season before getting chased off repeatedly, finding a new body, becoming a bit of an anti-hero, and falling for Castiel. She has quite the journey, and fans love her for it all.

Meg was murderous and ruthless until her loyalty to Lucifer went unrewarded.

When Lucifer went back to hell, Meg became more of a friend, keeping up the sass but doing so while fighting against Crowley and for the good guys. Her dynamic with Cas is amazing and actually makes for one of the best romances in the show despite them being such an odd couple.


The main villain of great opening two seasons was yellow-eyes, a.k.a Azazel, a powerful demon and Prince of Hell who served Lucifer and who was a fantastic part of the show during his time.

There was a horror element to his character at times that is absent from so many other main villains of the show.

He also was a villain who provided real stakes. He killed Dean after all and caused John to make a deal, which killed him and saved Dean. The Winchester rivalry with Azazel was personal, and he was such a good villain to have as the Kripke era built up toward Lucifer.


Lucifer was the endgame villain for Erik Kripke's time as showrunner, and throughout season 5, he did not disappoint. As the show went on, it was only a matter of time before Lucifer returned, and when he did, he was just as great.

While there were some weak points for the character, overall, fans loved him. His snarky attitude, funny quips, and genuinely interesting character made him a good part of so many different storylines throughout the show. His time as a rock star and his fight with Michael may have been fairly terrible, but the character is beloved by fans nonetheless, with some even .

Rowena MacLeod

Mother of Crowley and the most powerful witch in the world, Rowena MacLeod, is one of the villains who began as such before transforming into an anti-hero and ally of the Winchesters.

She was consistently great.

Intelligent, deceitful, narcissistic, and selfish, Rowena was all out for herself for so long and capable of doing so with her immense power. Even during that phase of her time in fans loved her. The show often struggled with female characters, but Rowena was definitely one of the better-treated ones on the show.

The Trickster

The Trickster was a villain that popped up in a couple of early episodes of and was later got revealed to be the archangel, Gabriel, becoming a hero of the show.

As the Trickster alone, though, the character was still loved. Not only was he the reason for such incredible episodes like "Mystery Spot" and "Changing Channels" (where he was revealed to be Gabriel), he was charismatic, hilarious, and often taught the brothers a thing or two.


Crowley is not just a villain loved by fans; he is one of the most adored characters in the show, perhaps only fourth behind Sam, Dean, and Jack. It is impossible to hate him truly; at worst, fans can love rooting against him.

Crowley is a hero, a villain, and everything in between throughout his time on the show and is crucial to the seven seasons he is in. His relationships with Dean and Cas are a joy to watch, and the former King of Hell is sorely missed in the show's final couple of seasons. Fans adore Crowley for his sarcasm, his layered character, and for being consistently awesome for so long.

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