Supernatural Fan Accidentally Dresses Like Dean Winchester In TikTok Video

A fan of accidentally dresses up like Dean Winchester in a funny TikTok video. The monster-hunting drama has been off the air for over two years, paving the way for spinoff. Still, the legacy of Sam and Dean remains alive and well in the show's soundtrack choices, standalone episodes, and tropes that fans both poked fun at while also growing to appreciate the way the series demonstrated a keen understanding of its main characters that extended down to the way they spoke and the way that they dressed. That's certainly true of Dean, as the Jensen Ackles character became known for his black t-shirts, brown leather jackets, and boots.

A fan of on TikTok, , found themselves unintentionally with their style. In the video included below, the fan asks about the feeling of putting on an outfit and wondering why it looks familiar. Just as the fan finishes asking the question, the realization hits that their attire is similar to the older Winchester brother. The theme song of , "Carry On My Wayward Son," then kicks in at full force:

Why Supernatural Is Still So Popular

owes its early success to a successful formula. The show began with a focus on 'monster-of-the-week' episodes that endeared audiences to the before gradually shifting to incorporate more of the mythology that would help to sustain the series for its 15-season run. But the story approach only partly explains why has amassed such a loyal following, a lot of it concerning how the cast and crew have embraced the fandom.

The stars of have allowed their chemistry to extend beyond the screen, attending conventions and allowing viewers to share in their passions. Even the show has winked at its audience more than once, making the viewership an important part of Sam and Dean's journey in a meta and amusing way that still manages to be sentimental and filled with heart. That sense of community has occasionally caused . Still, it's more often an example of how a show can survive and even relatively thrive based on the strength of a small but devoted audience.

It's the challenge that the spinoff, , faces. More than its story or any individual ratings, it's hard to imagine a genre show debuting today in a fragmented landscape and running for several seasons. It's a different time, with uncertainty surrounding the television industry. was, in part, a beneficiary of its timing and circumstances. But just as much, it knew how to make the most of its strengths.

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