Though Preaching Female Empowerment' , Jennifer Aniston Still Complainted Monica Lewinsky Is 'Famous Hor Nothing'!

Monica Lewinsky has thrown some subtle shade at actress  after the Friends star criticized her as being 'famous for doing nothing' while blasting internet celebrities for 'diluting' Hollywood. 

Although Lewinsky, 48, has yet to issue a response to the 53-year-old's claims, she made her feelings on the matter very clear when she 'liked' a tweet which criticized stars who have 'demeaned another woman's past' despite claiming to 'preach empowerment'.

In the tweet, which was posted in a lengthy thread about Lewinsky's role in pop culture - and the way in which her name has been used by dozens of singers and rappers of the years - 

 user @ernestsewell hit out at 'hypocrites' who have bashed the former  intern over the years. 

'Even @ , Ms. Female-in-Power (who I do love and enjoy) used Ms. Lewinsky's name in a song about... well, something. For women who preach empowerment to demean another woman's past [and] drag her out for the sake of it looks really hypocritical.'

Throwing shade: Monica Lewinsky appeared to take a swipe at Jennifer Aniston after liking a tweet which blasted women who only pretend to 'preach empowerment'

Bad take? The move by Lewinsky came after Aniston was slammer for commenting about the former White House intern while discussing people who was 'famous for doing nothing'

Called out: The tweet in question mused about the way Lewinsky was treated by other famous women

In another tweet, the user pondered: 'I wonder if @lizzo asked Lorena Bobbitt to use her name & her violent actions, the way hundreds of rappers & comedians use @MonicaLewinsky 's name as a pejorative, forgetting the actual woman behind it; who has feelings, a spirit, their own mental health to maintain, and dignity.


Lewinsky was famously at the center of a sex scandal with then-President Bill Clinton in 1998 after his two-year sexual relationship with the then 24-year-old intern came to light.

Lewinsky's online activity came as Aniston began facing furious backlash following comments she made about the ways internet stars find fame in modern society, with angry fans accusing the star of trying to ‘gatekeep’ the Hollywood elite.

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