Absurd Regulations Enforced on the Yellowstone Cast During Filming

The article highlights the strict rules that the cast members of the television series "Yellowstone" had to follow on set. These rules were described as "insane" due to their level of intensity and the impact they had on the actors' daily lives during filming.

One of the first rules mentioned is the ban on cell phones. The cast members were not allowed to have their phones on set, as it was believed that they distracted them from their work. This rule was enforced by having designated phone-free zones and monitoring the actors to ensure compliance. Additionally, the cast had to sign confidentiality agreements that restricted them from discussing any details about the show or their characters, even with friends and family.

Another bizarre rule described in the article was the ban on saying specific words. The actors were prohibited from using certain words, which were termed as the "code red" words. It is unclear what the exact list of forbidden words was, but it was reported that using them would result in a $5 fine per occurrence, which would go to a charity chosen by the show's creator. This rule aimed at maintaining a positive and focused set environment.

The cast members were also required to follow a strict dietary regime. They were provided with specific "Yellowstone-approved" meals, which they had to consume during their lunch breaks.

The meals were carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of the actors and maintain their energy levels throughout the day. This rule ensures that the cast remains physically fit and ready for their demanding roles.

Furthermore, the actors were not allowed to alter their appearance without prior approval. Any changes to their hair, makeup, or even the use of specific beauty products had to be cleared by the show's makeup and wardrobe departments. This rule aimed to maintain continuity and consistency in the characters' appearances throughout the series.

In addition to the physical rules, the article mentions the intense work schedule that the cast had to follow.

They were required to work long hours, with little time for breaks or personal time. This demanding schedule was said to contribute to the intense and realistic performances seen on the show.

Overall, the article highlights the stringent rules imposed on the cast members of "Yellowstone" during filming. These rules, ranging from bans on cell phones to dietary restrictions, were designed to create a focused and disciplined environment and ensure the best performances from the actors.

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