Yellowstone’s Josh Lucas Was Kept Away From Kevin Costner For A Good Reason

"Yellowstone" has always been known for its use of flashbacks to provide insight into the lives and motivations of its characters. From Beth and Jamie's feud to Rip's backstory, the series frequently delves into the past to explain the present. And this season, viewers finally get a deep dive into John Dutton's past. However, despite playing a younger version of Kevin Costner's character, Josh Lucas revealed that he and Costner were intentionally kept apart on set.

 According to Lucas, they wanted to take inspiration from "The Godfather" where Robert De Niro played a younger version of Marlon Brando's character without attempting to imitate him.

Lucas also spoke highly of "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan, expressing gratitude for being given the opportunity to play a younger John Dutton and praising Sheridan's storytelling abilities. 

While it took some time for Lucas to have a substantial role as Dutton, the timing is perfect as Costner is set to exit the series in Season 5, Part 2. The fifth season was always intended to delve into John's past, as Sheridan had planned for Lucas to come in during this season. Lucas admitted that he initially doubted Sheridan's plans for flashbacks, but now sees how it adds depth to the character. Overall, fans can look forward to learning more about John Dutton as "Yellowstone" nears its conclusion.

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