The Cancellation of Yellowstone 1932: Taylor Sheridan Reveals the Reason Behind It

Taylor Sheridan, the creator and executive producer of the hit series Yellowstone, has come forward to shed light on why the prequel series Yellowstone 1932 got canceled. Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner, has gained immense popularity and has been a ratings success since its debut in 2018. Fans were eagerly awaiting the release of the prequel, but unfortunately, it will not see the light of day.

Sheridan explained the situation surrounding the cancellation during an interview with Deadline. He revealed that Yellowstone 1932 was initially intended to be a 10-episode limited series that would serve as a prequel to Yellowstone.

It would have focused on the history of the Dutton family and explored events that occurred three decades before the main show's timeline.

However, as Sheridan started working on writing and producing the prequel, he realized that a 10-episode format would not be enough to do justice to the story he wanted to tell. He began to feel that Yellowstone 1932 required a longer runtime to properly delve into the characters and their backgrounds. Sheridan believed that expanding the series to a full season would allow for a more in-depth exploration of the Dutton family's past and the events that shaped them.

Despite his desire to extend the episode count, he encountered some unexpected roadblocks. The main obstacle he faced was the difficulty of shooting a period piece, which would have required an extensive budget for costumes, sets, and props. Additionally, the logistical challenges and time constraints associated with shooting a prequel while simultaneously working on the main series posed further complications.

Considering these challenges, Sheridan decided to shift his focus back to the main series and put the prequel on hold for the time being. However, he expressed his hope that Yellowstone 1932 could still be revisited in the future.

Sheridan emphasized that the prequel remains a story he wants to tell but recognized the need to prioritize and ensure that it receives the treatment it deserves.

Sheridan's decision to cancel Yellowstone 1932 was a difficult one, as he knew fans were looking forward to exploring the rich history of the Dutton family. Nevertheless, his commitment to delivering a high-quality production necessitated the postponement of the prequel. While the cancellation may be disappointing to fans, they can take solace in the fact that Sheridan remains determined to eventually bring the prequel to life in a manner befitting its significance within the Yellowstone universe.

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