Jennifer Aniston Still Wears 1 Item Of Rachel's Clothing 19 Years After Friends Ended!

alum Jennifer Aniston shared the one item she kept from Rachel's closet and continues to wear today. Aniston famously portrayed Rachel Green in the hit sitcom for ten years. As one of the primary six characters, Rachel was notably a fashion icon in the mid-1990s, even having an eponymous hairstyle named after her. With hundreds of Pinterest boards dedicated to Rachel's A-line skirts and turtlenecks, Aniston likely had a heap of 90s staples to sort through when choosing which piece to carry home after concluded in 2004.

According to the , Aniston adopted Rachel's red loafers 19 years ago and still wears them today. This was revealed as she spoke about ' impact on her career and gained a business insight, saying, "." She previously described the shoe in a 2019 interview, stating, "."

Friends' Enduring Impact On Fashion, Explained

While the high-fashion brand filed for bankruptcy in 2000, Joan and David merged comfort and style in their shoe designs throughout the 90s, fitting for Rachel's casual-meets-formal looks. Aniston, however, could not resist dipping further into the costume design. Even now, she wears one of Monica's dresses originally sported by Courteney Cox. She is not the only star to seek memorabilia, as other . Lisa Kudrow, for instance, admitted that she took a couple of Phoebe's rings.

fashion remains a staple of popular culture even decades after the show's series finale. Rachel's layered, full cut in season 1 and season 2 achieved such popularity on social media that it was deemed "The Rachel" and led to subsequent TikTok hair trends such as the Butterfly Haircut. The mint green slit gown Rachel wears in season 3's "The One Where No One's Ready" continues to be discussed in 90s fashion analysis.

When enjoyed a popularity boost among the youngest generation during the initial COVID lockdown, it led to questions as to why the sitcom still prevails. While the comfort aspect of watching a group of friends navigating life cannot be denied, Gen-Z likely appreciates the show's catalog of 90s classics — styles they incorporate into their own fashion today.

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