How Walking Dead's Zombie Survival Advice Could Kill You in Real Life

"The Walking Dead" is a popular comic series and television show known for its thrilling zombie apocalypse storyline. However, the creator of the comic, Robert Kirkman, wants fans to know that they should not take the survival advice presented in the series too seriously, particularly when it comes to treating wounds and infections.

In a column called "Cutting Room Floor," Kirkman discusses behind-the-scenes details and his creative process. He reveals that a specific scene from the storyline "Fear the Hunters" where Eugene treats Glenn's gunshot wound with tea leaves and candle wax is completely made up.

Kirkman admits that he took creative liberties in this scene to showcase Eugene's resourcefulness and ingenuity. While researching real-life treatment for bullet wounds, he found that the actual solution was simple—washing the wound with water, keeping it clean, and open to the air. However, this didn't fit his vision for Eugene's character, so he came up with the idea of using tea leaves to close the wound and hot candle wax to hold it in place.

The intention was to make Eugene appear like a genius, but Kirkman explicitly states that fans should not follow this advice in real life. In reality, if someone were to replicate this technique, they could develop a lethal infection that may require amputation of the affected limb.

The point Kirkman emphasizes is that fictional stories like "The Walking Dead" should not be relied upon for practical advice or real-world solutions. While the series may serve as an entertaining guide for surviving a zombie apocalypse, other aspects, such as medical procedures, should be left to professionals.

In summary, fans of "The Walking Dead" should not take the survival advice presented in the series too seriously, especially when it comes to treating wounds and infections. The scene where Eugene uses tea leaves and candle wax to treat a bullet wound was made up for dramatic effect, and attempting to replicate it in reality could have serious consequences. It is important to differentiate between fictional storytelling and real-world practicality when it comes to survival advice.

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