Outlander 13 Hidden Details About Frank Randall Everyone Missed...

Warning: This article contains spoilers to the ninth novel, Go Tell The Bees I'm Gone

While the actors of Outlanderall deserve a lot of praise for the way they have brought their characters to life, one person who has only just begun to get credit is Tobias Menzies. Although it is his portrayal as the villainous Black Jack Randall is one of his most defining roles, not a lot of people pay attention to the emotional and raw performance he gave as Frank Randall.

As a result of this, not many people pay attention to the little details around Frank or the easter eggs the showrunners have hidden to pay homage to the character.

It's a shame really since they can help fans get a better insight into Frank's personality or his motives. It'll definitely be worth taking another look if some fans are going to be rewatching some of Outlander's best episodes again.

Updated on February 13th, 2022, by Kayleigh Banks: It may have been four years since Frank died, but the historian still appears to be helping his family from beyond the grave. In Gabaldon's latest book addition, Go Tell The Bees I'm Gone, the readers discovered that Brianna had found one of Frank's old history books and had decided to take it back to the past to help her family avoid a dire situation.

While the show has already diverted away from the original source material, it would be a great easter egg if they incorporate the title of the text into one of the novels on the Fraser-MacKenzie bookshelf or a pamphlet of sorts.    

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