Cole Hauser Showcases Talent Beyond Yellowstone

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser was caught doing something very un-Rip Wheeler like recently. Watch the actor get down as a band plays Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Video shared on TikTok indicates that Hauser was taking part in an event surrounding Rodeo Houston at the time he caught the fever. It may have been his scheduled, multi-day appearance at the Ranch, where a photo with him costs upward of $2,500.

He’s just bopping along at first, but then the video cuts to find Houser on stage with the band. Before long, his hat is off — the video wraps at that point, but we’re not forgetting this moment.

Diehard fans might be surprised to see the actor, so well known for being stoic as Rip Wheeler, being a goofball. For the past five seasons of Yellowstone, Cole Hauser’s portrayal of Rip has been nothing short of a breakthrough performance. While violence is his default reaction on-screen, it’s quite refreshing to witness the actor take a different approach off-camera and showcase his softer side through dance moves and genuine emotion.

With the ongoing writers strike that still has no end in sight, it appears that a 2024 premiere is very likely, even though we had hoped we could get a premiere by November at the latest. Of course, the season was originally supposed to resume this summer, but that sure as hell isn’t happening.

If they don’t start shooting soon (and that looks impossible), they may have to wait until next spring which could put the timeline at fall of 2024… yikes.

Cole is best known to fans as Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone, which was set to start filming the back half of season 5 of the drama series. However, since the strike, it’s now been placed on hold.

It was also recently confirmed that Yellowstone will be ending with the current season, and there’s no news if Rip Wheeler will continue to live on in a spinoff of any sort.

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