New Show Is The Perfect Outlander Replacement While Waiting For Season 7's Return!

Summary Outlander is going on hiatus after its midseason finale and will not return until a later date, leaving fans eagerly waiting for its comeback. The Winter King, a new historical fiction series, premieres on August 20, 2023, and could be a perfect replacement for Outlander during its hiatus. The Winter King has similar elements to Outlander, including historical drama, action sequences, and even overlapping cast members, making it an ideal substitute.

Outlander is going on hiatus following its midseason finale on August 11, 2023, and the historical drama series sadly won't return until an unannounced later date. Starz split the show's seventh season in two, so the first half has already aired, and the second half will drop sometime later next year. However, in the meantime, fans of the television series can look forward to a new show that could fill the void left by Outlander's absence.

Outlander season 7, episode 8, concluded many stories while setting up the final eight episodes of the penultimate season. In the end, Jamie, Claire, and Ian returned to Scotland — the first time they have visited the country together since season 3. So viewers will have that emotional homecoming and much more to discuss in the months leading up to the show's return. Plus, MGM+ is set to release a new television series with similar tones to Outlander, which could help fill the hole in fans' hearts during the hiatus.

The Winter King Is A Great Historical Drama For Fans Of Outlander

The first episode of The Winter King, a British historical fiction television series, premieres on August 20, 2023, on MGM+, and it could serve as the perfect Outlander replacement. The upcoming show is based on Bernard Cornwell's The Warlord Chronicles book series, which chronicles the legend of Arthur following his exile and subsequent return to Britain to save it from the Saxons' invasion. Iain De Caestecker stars as Arthur in the show, and the rest of the cast includes Jordan Alexandra as Guinevere, Stuart Campbell as Derfel Cadarn, Nathaniel Martello-White as Merlin, Eddie Marsan as Uther, Ellie James as Nimue, Daniel Ings as Owain, and Andrew Gower as Sansum.

The Winter King contains all the elements that so many love about Outlander. Both shows are historical dramas, feature fascinating action sequences, are derived from book series, and even have some overlapping cast members. Stuart Campbell previously appeared in one episode of Outlander season 3, and Andrew Gower starred as Prince Charles Stuart in 11 episodes of the Starz show.

The Winter King's Ending Will Perfectly Lead Into Outlander Season 7's Return

The Winter King's first season contains ten episodes, meaning that the MGM+ show's finale will likely air in late October 2023 or early November 2023, depending on if there are any extended breaks between episodes. Since the second half of Outlander season 7 has already finished filming, it could air as early as January 2024, meaning that The Winter King's ending might lead right into new episodes of the Starz series. It won't conflict with its airing, but The Winter King will provide a suitable substitute for Outlander during its hiatus.

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