Jennifer Aniston Still Considers 'Friends' Co-Star Reese Witherspoon to Be Her Little Sister!

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have maintained a close bond ever since their time together on the hit TV show "Friends." Aniston considers Witherspoon to be like a little sister to her, despite their 11-year age difference.

The two actresses first formed a friendship when Witherspoon made a guest appearance on "Friends" in 2000, playing the role of Rachel Green's younger sister. Their on-screen chemistry translated into a real-life friendship, and they have continued to support and uplift each other throughout the years.

Aniston recently spoke about her relationship with Witherspoon during an interview with Access Hollywood.

She expressed her admiration for Witherspoon and mentioned that their bond continues to grow stronger. Aniston revealed that she still considers Witherspoon to be her "little sister" and emphasized the importance of having strong female friendships in the entertainment industry.

Witherspoon, who also appeared on "Friends" for a multi-episode arc in 2000, has echoed Aniston's sentiments about their friendship. She has spoken fondly about the support she receives from Aniston and the advice she seeks from her. Witherspoon values Aniston's guidance and appreciates the bond they share.

The admiration between the two actresses is mutual.

Aniston has praised Witherspoon for her talent, work ethic, and ability to balance her personal and professional life. She believes that Witherspoon is a great role model, both as an actress and as a person.

Aniston and Witherspoon recently reunited on screen for the Apple TV+ series "The Morning Show," where they play co-anchors. The show has received critical acclaim, and their chemistry as co-stars has not gone unnoticed. Their continued collaboration showcases the trust and respect they have for each other as actors.

Throughout the years, Aniston and Witherspoon have leaned on each other for support in the challenging and unpredictable world of Hollywood. They have celebrated each other's successes and have been there for each other during difficult times. Their friendship serves as a reminder of the importance of having strong connections in the entertainment industry.

Aniston and Witherspoon have proven that their bond goes beyond a television set, and they continue to be there for each other like family. With their friendship still going strong, it is clear that they value and cherish their relationship. Despite the passage of time, Aniston will always consider Witherspoon to be her little sister.

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