Daryl Dixon's Laurent Story Makes Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Future Even Bigger

The Walking Dead spinoff series, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, may bring the beloved characters Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes back together. In this series, a little boy named Laurent is believed to be the messiah who will save France from the zombie apocalypse. However, it is suggested that Rick would be a better leader due to his experience and leadership skills. Although Rick's spinoff, The Ones Who Live, is set in the US, it is possible that he could track Daryl to France or uncover the mysteries there. Rick's future in the franchise has already been hinted at, and his arrival in France would make sense given the current events happening there. While Rick may not appear in the current season of Daryl Dixon's series, it is likely that he will make an appearance in future seasons, leading to a reunion with Daryl and a full circle for the franchise.

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