Blue Bloods: One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

After a brief hiatus, Blue Bloods returns on December 3rd, bringing back the Sunday family dinners it's known for, along with dealing with current issues in the NYPD, and the personal lives of the Reagan family.

The main characters have strong opinions and are rarely shy about voicing them. Despite the character growth through the seasons, there are still a few moments where a quote by the main character can surprise the audience in either a good or bad sense of the word. Here are the quotes that either felt out of character or simply surprising considering their personality.

Frank Reagan

"You know, if we had a balcony and some water balloons, we could really have some fun."

The always-serious and professional police commissioner Frank Reagan is usually the voice of reason at the family table – and at the 1PP. But he is rarely seen acting playful or mischievous. This quote from 'Protest Too Much' really illustrates that even though he has a serious position at work and often times has to take a moral stand, he is the person who brought up the group of kids sitting and bickering around a table.

These rare playful moments show a different side of his character and remind the audience that even the people in the highest positions are only human in the end.

Danny Reagan

"If you believe in something you keep fighting for it. No matter what."

Danny is the snarkiest of the Reagan family, never coming up short with witty and funny remarks. He can often come across as almost cynical, which can be attributed to his time as an officer/detective. But this quote from 'Silver Star' shows the softer side of Danny that is often forgotten. The side that is fiercely loyal to his family and true to what he believes in.

It is those moments that make viewers truly appreciate Danny's character.

Erin Reagan

"Fine. Go. Get drunk. Have sex with Greg. Get a tattoo. You need bail money, call your grandfather."

The one thing that really sets this procedural apart from the others is the family connection. Rain or shine, this family gathers every Sunday to have a meal together as a family and that includes the children, who often give as good as they get when it comes to debates.

Erin and her daughter, Nicky often disagree about something, especially with Nicky growing up and becoming her own person. Despite Erin being a good mom, she struggles with Nicky making her own choices and mistakes, and this quote from the episode 'Higher Education' shows that.

Jamie Reagan

"After being in the streets every day. It's not always black and white."

Jamie is a character that has some amazing growth through the seasons and this quote shows just that. At the start of the series, Jamie often sees things as black and white, taking an extreme stance on certain topics, often coming to butt heads with his brother Danny who lives in the grey area.

But as the show progresses, Jamie sees that not everything is black or white. His years on the job make him realize that sometimes there is no clear line or the right answer, as perfectly illustrated by this quote from 'The Truth About Lying'.

Henry Reagan

"Eddie, I was arresting people before you were born. I'm too old and too experienced for you or anyone else to tell me what to do."

A constant voice of reason and wisdom (just like his son Frank Reagan) in the Reagan family, it is sometimes easy to forget that Pops can be very set in his ways and not always as progressive as the times would want him to be.

It's clear, in this conversation with Eddie, that he doesn't think he can learn anything new in this day and age, despite the fact that policing has changed drastically since he retired. His views are more often than not traditional and antiquated and it's his unwillingness to change that's very clear from this quote featured in 'Be Smart or Be Dead'.

Nicky Reagan-Boyle

"Next time I'm gonna think long and hard before jumping in to help somebody."

Nicky's character has had a lot of growth through the show, as her character is actually growing up from a girl to a young woman. The audience can see her go from high school to college, and then make further choices about what she wants from her life. Despite that, she mostly manages to stay true to herself, which is why this comment she makes in 'Backstabbers' comes off as jaded and bitter.

She helped someone and they turned on her, but considering her family, and what they do – how much they sacrifice to help people, it feels odd to hear that from her. Perhaps just a subtle reminder that despite her maturity, Nicky is still growing up at this point.

Abigail Baker

"That's all you've got? I don't think the mayor likes me? Who the hell do you think you're talking to here?"

Baker is one of the few people who dare to speak honestly with the police commissioner, and it is often shown how much Frank Reagan values her opinion. But there is a moment when the ever calm and collected detective Baker surprises with a little outburst in 'Cutting Losses' when the police commissioner wants to give up his position because the new mayor doesn't like him.

It shows that despite having respect for her superior, she isn't shying away from speaking her truth.

Garrett Moore

"To be frank, we can do better"

Tasked with making the 1PP look good in the eyes of the citizens, Garrett deals with one of the toughest jobs on the show. He needs to be constantly ahead in the game and is one of the rare people capable and willing to challenge Frank Reagan.

This is why this statement to the press in the episode 'The New You' was so surprising coming from him, as he is the last person who would want the NYPD to look bad.

He is later forced to retreat his statement by the police commissioner, and does so, even if somewhat reluctantly. Considering the times, the sentiment behind the quote was actually rather refreshing, as the police rarely admit there is room for improvement in their ranks.

Maria Baez

"She was promoted to detective third grade that year, and the muscle-head didn't show up. No one from my family showed up."

After Jackie Curatola's exit in season 3, Maria Baez replaced her as Danny's partner. Her relationship with Danny was always strictly professional, even if often rooted in friendship and trust. Detective Baez even mentions once that she never has to worry about trusting Danny.

Season 11, however, brings something new to their dynamic. In the Blue Bloods season 11 premiere, Baez gets locked into a basement along with her partner after being pushed down the stairs. Hitting her head might have something to do with it, but Baez opens up to Danny like she rarely has before, and it's unlike her usually snarky and tough attitude.

The two share a bittersweet moment, which shines even stronger when Danny brings Maria to Sunday dinner with the family for the very first time ever.

Eddie Reagan

"Why do you guys always have to be so mean?"

Edit 'Eddie' Reagan goes from being Jamie's work partner to being his wife and thus earning her spot at family dinner. But it isn't always smooth sailing. When the newly engaged couple comes to Sunday dinner and Eddie attempts to say grace, the family gangs up on her and makes fun.

The badass police officer nearly bursts into tears as she marches from the table, surprising not only the family by how sensitive she seems to be - but also the audience.

It turns out, the non-characteristic quote was part of a ploy by Eddie and Jamie to get back at his family. It works and they praise her for fooling them all in the episode appropriately called 'Mind Games'.