Lyndon Smith, star of Fear the Walking Dead, delivers chilling performance in the captivating Lifetime film, Devil on my Doorstep.

Lyndon Smith, known for her role as Ava in Fear the Walking Dead, can now be seen in the Lifetime movie Devil on My Doorstep. Directed by Brittany Underwood, the thriller revolves around two individuals who develop an unhealthy obsession with a social media influencer named Natasha Wallace, portrayed by Jenna Dewan. Natasha becomes an overnight sensation, marking the beginning of a new era in her life. Lyndon Smith plays Chloe, a delivery dispatcher who notices the strange behavior of a co-worker named Theo, played by Steve Kazee. 

Theo begins diverting packages from his route to meet Natasha, and Chloe becomes equally obsessed with her.

To befriend Natasha, Chloe takes on a new persona, delving deep into her life. Sloan, played by Rachel Lindsay, Natasha's best friend and manager, becomes suspicious of Chloe and Theo's actions and is determined to protect her friend. Devil on My Doorstep is currently available for viewing on Lifetime. 

Lyndon Smith has also appeared in other projects such as Fool's Paradise, National Treasure: Edge of History, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, The Good Doctor, NCIS, Truth Be Told, and Parenthood, where she played the character Natalie.

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