6 Heartbreaking Deaths on Chicago P.D. That Fans Are Still Mourning!

Deaths on  are rare but always heartbreaking. Because  fans grow close with these characters over time, watching them pass is a rollercoaster of emotions. Granted, stakes are always high for , but when someone is killed in the line of duty, we enter a new ballgame. 

How did Julie “Jules” Willhite (Melissa Sagemiller) die on Chicago P.D.?

Jules Willhite is the first major death experienced within CPD's Intelligence Unit. She was killed in 's pilot episode, titled "Stepping Stone." Willhite died after suffering mortal wounds from being shot by the drug lord and criminal Adres "Pulpo" Diaz, who the squad later arrested in Season 1. 

Willhite might have been a short-lived character on., but her death sparked a wild chain of events and left Sgt. Voight () shattered. Willhite was a wife, mother, and partner to Officer , the brother of 's , so her death impacted many people. 

How did Alvin “Al” Olinsky (Elias Koteas) die on Chicago P.D.?

Detective Al Olinsky was a fan favorite for several early seasons of  He was framed and murdere

If you've noticed a trend of Voight losing the people closest to him,  only hammers that point home further. Olinksy was one of the Intelligence Unit's most dedicated and resourceful detectives from Seasons 1-5 of ., helping arrest dozens of nefarious wrongdoers.

That said, everything went belly-up after an infamous gang member framed Olinksy for murder by planting his DNA on a body. Al was shockingly arrested, and before , an imprisoned gang member mortally stabbed Al while he was in custody. After experiencing significant blood loss in the hospital, Al passed away from his injuries in Season 5. 

How did Detective Shelton Jin (Archie Kao) die on Chicago P.D.?

Detective Shelton Jin was a beloved character in Season 1 of . and the squad's go-to tech and surveillance expert. Jin was found murdered in Season 1, Episode 15 ("A Beautiful Friendship"). 

In one of the biggest twists of the season, Jin is discovered to be a mole working for CPD's Internal Affairs Division. He was sent to  and search for incriminating evidence within his belongings. As the Unit's longtime tech genius, it was a shocking revelation for Chi-Hards everywhere. Jin was eventually killed by the corrupt Internal Affairs director after he failed to gather enough evidence to arrest Voight. 

How did Anna Avalos (Carmela Zumbado) die on Chicago P.D.?

Anna Avalos was a cherished C.I. and close friend of Voight's throughout Season 9 of until she was shot and killed in the tear-jerking season finale. 

Fans met Anna in Season 9. Tasked with bringing down the Los Temidos gang, Voight saw potential in Anna and recruited her as an undercover investigator. Anna soon felt the hardships of undercover life, and she came undone in the  shortly after killing the gang's leader.

Sleep-deprived and distressed over the consequences of her actions, Anna accidentally shot Voight in the arm after hearing police sirens, leading  to shoot her twice in the chest. Viewing Anna as a daughter figure, a guilt-stricken Voight accompanied her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Voight was left heartbroken and without a friend yet again. 

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