Matthew Perry's Candid Chat: Behind-the-Scenes of 'Friends' Reveals Funny First Impressions!

The article discusses Matthew Perry's first on-set interview for the show "Friends." It takes us back in time to the early days of the iconic 90s sitcom and provides a glimpse into the beginning of Perry's journey as one of the beloved characters, Chandler Bing.

The article begins by highlighting the significance of this interview and how it showcases Perry's humble demeanor. It states that the interview was conducted while filming the pilot episode of "Friends," and Perry discusses his character, Chandler, and his experience working on the show.

Perry is quoted as saying, "I play a guy who is sort of witty and charming but also an idiot.

" This already gives viewers an insight into Chandler's endearing personality, which would eventually make him one of the favorite characters of the series.

The article delves into the details about Perry's audition process and how he originally auditioned for a different character, Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer. However, the producers saw potential in Perry's portrayal of Chandler and decided to offer him the role instead. This decision turned out to be pivotal for both Perry and the show's success.

Perry is described as appreciating the opportunity to work with the talented ensemble cast featuring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer. He acknowledges their chemistry and mentions how they have become a tight-knit group in such a short span of time.

The article sheds light on Perry's nervousness about filming the pilot episode and the pressures of living up to the expectations of the audience. It highlights Perry's humility when he states, "I just hope people like the character and like me in general."

The article concludes by emphasizing the impact that "Friends" had on Perry's career.

It acknowledges that the show turned him into a household name and opened up numerous opportunities for him. It also mentions that despite his success on the show, Perry remains grounded and appreciative of the experiences he had and the friendships he made during his time on "Friends."

In summary, the article reflects on Matthew Perry's first on-set interview for "Friends" and provides an overview of his thoughts and emotions during that time. It highlights Perry's humble nature, his appreciation for the show's cast, and his nerves about the expectations surrounding his character. With this interview, viewers of the time got a glimpse into the beginning of Chandler Bing's journey, which would ultimately solidify Perry's place as a memorable television actor.

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