What 'Friends' Stars Bought With Their First Paycheck EXPOSED! Their Answers Must Surprise You!

There was a time before Friends became the most popular sitcom of the decade(s) and the cast gained worldwide recognition. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

When Friends was in its first season, the stars received their first big paychecks – and you will never guess what they spent it on!

On the day the series finale aired, the actors went on  to talk about their experiences on the show and how much it all meant to them.

The host immediately asked all of them what they had bought with their first paycheck, and the girls all opted for a car. Jennifer Aniston got herself a brand new 1969 280 Mercedes.

The girl's taste was on point – Jay Leno even asked her out when he found out (creepy though). Courteney Cox laid her eyes on a Porsche (but she couldn't remember which one) and couldn't resist buying it.

In fact, the actress had more faith in the show's success than anyone else – she made this expensive gift to herself even before Friends was picked up for another season.

Maybe we should all be like Courteney (and we might end up with a Porsche too!).

Lisa Kudrow followed in her co-stars' footsteps and picked an Acura Legend. Nice choice, Pheebs!

What surprised everyone was Matt LeBlanc's response.

Later in the interview, Leno inquired who of the main six had needed the job the most, and LeBlanc was quick to answer that it had indeed been him. Before Friends, Matt was completely broke.

With his first paycheck, the actor just bought dinner. Isn't it crazy that such a successful person used to struggle so much?

Well, we are glad that he landed the role that showed the world what a gem he is!

Fans joke that Matt buying dinner is "so Joey of him." Well, the real question is – did he share that dinner with anyone, or did he stick to his character's principle of not sharing food?

We really hope that the stars weren't disappointed in how they chose to spend their first big salary! After watching this interview, we feel like it is time to binge a couple of Friends episodes.

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