'Yellowstone' Fans Are Still Supporting Cole Hauser

Yellowstone fans have been left disappointed as the hit series takes an indefinite hiatus. But that hasn't stopped them from creating their own content from real life. Their latest fixation? Cole Hauser, the actor who plays Rip Wheeler. Hauser had plans to start his own series at the 6666 Ranch before everything went haywire. However, Hauser's devoted fans are still supporting him.

In addition to starting his own coffee company, Free Rein Coffee, Hauser is also celebrating a milestone in his personal life. His son, Ryland, is heading off to college. Hauser's wife, Cynthia Hauser, took to Instagram to express her pride in Ryland, writing, "Dad and I are so proud of you Ryland.

We know you'll touch so many lives!" Hauser added, "Have the time of your life son! U deserve it." Hauser's other children are named Colt and Steely Rose, fitting in with the Yellowstone theme.

Yellowstone fans showed their support by liking Cynthia Hauser's post over 40,000 times. One fan commented, "I love how Cole does normal things with his family! Makes him an even bigger star in my eyes." These fans truly prove their ride-or-die loyalty to Hauser. It's clear that Yellowstone fans are determined to keep the spirit of the show alive, even during its hiatus. They are finding ways to connect with the actors and create their own content. Despite the disappointment of the show being on hold, fans remain dedicated and supportive of Hauser and his endeavors.

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