Matthew Perry's Nostalgic Gesture: Gifting Lisa Kudrow a Cherished #Friends Set Prop!

In a recent throwback Thursday (TBT) video, Matthew Perry shared an interesting anecdote about his time on the set of the hit TV show Friends. The actor revealed that he took a prop from the set as a gift for his co-star Lisa Kudrow. Perry made this revelation while wearing shorts, hence the hashtag #Shorts.

During the video, Perry explained that on the last day of filming Friends, he and Kudrow were alone in Monica's apartment set. As a sentimental gesture, he decided to take a little memento from the show. Perry did not specify the exact prop he took, keeping it a surprise for Kudrow.

Matt LeBlanc, another Friends co-star, was also present during this conversation.

LeBlanc expressed curiosity about the prop, prompting Perry to reveal that he took Cookie Time from the kitchen in Monica's apartment set. Cookie Time, as fans of the show know, was a clock in the shape of a cookie that hung on the wall.

Perry mentioned that the clock was hanging above the sink, and he thought it would be a great keepsake for Kudrow. He emphasized that this act was a secret until now, as he never told anyone about it before.

LeBlanc was intrigued by the revelation and questioned whether Kudrow knew about the stolen prop.

Perry clarified that Kudrow did eventually find out, but he didn't reveal how she reacted to the surprise gift.

Friends, which aired from 1994 to 2004, has remained incredibly popular and is known for its tight-knit cast. The show, set in New York City, followed the lives of six friends – Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross – as they navigated their personal and professional lives. The series won numerous awards and became an iconic part of television history.

The revelation by Perry about taking a prop from the set for Kudrow showcases the camaraderie and friendships formed among the cast members during their time working on Friends.

It also adds to the nostalgic charm of the show, which continues to captivate fans worldwide.

Although the exact details of Kudrow's reaction to receiving the prop are unknown, it is safe to assume that she appreciated the gesture and the sentimental value behind it. After all, Friends was more than just a TV show for the cast – it was a significant part of their lives and has left a lasting impact on popular culture.

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