Actually True! The Older We Get The More Relatable This 'Friends' Character Becomes!

Maybe not the best trend in the world.

Friends is the most relatable show for an entire generation, and it's hard to deny that.

The 90s classic still gets us even though we may no longer be in our 20s, trying to navigate through "adult life" and somehow make peace with our inner child.

Not everything was completely understandable when we laughed out loud at the Friends jokes a few years ago, though.

Well, as we get older, at least one character has become so much more relatable, and his name, of course, is Ross Geller.

Seriously, this guy was a master of the meltdown. Slightest inconvenience? "My life is an embarrassment, I should just go live under somebody's stairs."

Adult problems? "That sandwich was the only good thing in my life!" And finally, don't we just get him when even your café order is wrong, and it all just looks like a massive conspiracy by the universe against you?

And if anything could describe today's humor better than Ross' iconic "Ahhh, human based on my pain, hahahaha," then we don't know what could.

Who knew the '90s icon could relate so perfectly to today's generation, who joke about their mental health, taxes, rent and jobs?

But let's face it. Life is not as bleak as we think. Sometimes things are going great and everything is falling into place.

There are times like that...only to inevitably come with some new problems. In that case, we can always smirk and say, "Things were just going too well for me!"

Ugh. Same, right? We wish it wasn't. Well, it's only fair that we at least have a comfort character to always return to.

Feels like the right time to turn on Friends and start another binge-watching marathon, doesn't it?