15 Untold Truths About Jennifer Aniston Everyone Never Know Are Revealed Through Years !

The shadow of "celebrity" can be a thick one; and there's still elements of Jennifer Aniston which could make her fans scratch their heads.

She's been analyzed by major publications, and could very well be deemed a face of a certain generation. She's only one person, but her image and legacy holds a lot of meaning many could never imagine! Jennifer Aniston isn't only a 'friend' to us all, she is one of the most mega-popular celebrities in history. Could she BE anymore visible in the public eye?

'Jen' may be one of the most famous women in the world, but she's really just like us "normies" who live and learn from the countless mistakes we make along the way.

The shadow of "celebrity" can be a thick one; there's still elements of Jennifer Aniston which could make her fans scratch their heads and say, "Wow, really?"

We're taking a look at fifteen examples of Jen's public persona the public has decided to overlook. Sometimes Rachel Green can have "green" moments, too!

15. Why Aren't Jen's Relationships Successful?

Jen's admirers and tabloid scholars are aware of the public's long love affair with her private life, but while her story may read like fiction, she's still a human being like the rest of us who is influenced by life's journey, so it's understandable to wonder exactly why our girl is unable to sustain a happy relationship; is it the tabloids fault or something deeper?

14. She Starred In Some Pretty Sketchy Films

It goes without saying Jen's legacy is rooted in her  character, but the other side of Jen's "career coin" is quite different; none of her big-screen roles have matched the series' success.

Some select choices from Jen's filmography are quite sketchy if you pay attention to their plots, specifically the 1998 . Would 2019 Jen choose this film again?

13. Jen Is Too Tight Lipped

If one were to take a look at Jen's relationship through the years with the , it's understandable as to why Jen may want to keep her guard up, but we can't help but wonder if Jen's quiet nature is the reason why the tabloids are so aggressive towards her.

Jen's reluctance to share details about her personal life with the public certainly raises eyebrows!

12. Even Actresses Have To Take Gross Jobs

When we're looking at a super successful actress, it can be extremely easy to ignore one crucial aspect of their stories: success doesn't come overnight!

There's one glaring element about Jen's ; the waitressing job that landed her in some pretty gross situations is extremely similar to Rachel Green's. Did the  writers intend for the similarity? Who knows!

11. Jen's Relationships Have Unconventional Quirks

Jen's relatable every-woman personality is one of the reasons why we majorly stan her, but sometimes her unconventional quirks may have had an impact on an importantly crucial area of her life: !

When she and Justin Theroux tied the knot a few years ago, Jen and her new hubby tried out an unconventional honeymoon method; the pair shared the experience with friends.


10. Jen's Journey To Fame Involved Some Questionable Advice

No matter how famous you are, you're not immune to some sketchy advice from your mentors around you, especially toward physical appearance!

Jen Aniston is no doubt a poster gal for acquiring a bangin' body and she knows exactly how she maintains her workout regime, so it's rather  she would be compelled to get in shape after she received demeaning weight loss advice.

9. She Hasn't Been Extremely Receptive To Hollywood

Over Jen's almost thirty-year career, we've been treated to lots of evidence showing how confident and self-aware our 'friend' is, but it can be easy to ignore how  she actually feels about being so famous.

Sometimes it seems sketchy for an actress to select a career path that would likely propel her insecurities at times, as Jen has attributed fame as a pressure point.

8. Jen Is Wary Of Her Fellow Females In Hollywood

It's no secret Jen has many female friends and champions the success of her lady pals, but her experiences with certain women in Hollywood don't always mirror her past triumphs with her female friends.

When it comes to her fellow actresses, Jen has  about negative experiences. She has described these relationships using words like "negative" and "worse."

Should she pick a side?

7. We Wonder Why Jen Joined Social Media Extremely Late

In case you've been unplugged for the last week, social media gained a special "friend" when she finally signed up for her very first social media account!

Jen when she posted a photo along with her fellow  cast members; so many of us scrolled to follow Jen immediately, but what exactly broke Jen's social media silence? She's oddly keeping mum!

6. She's Rarely Photographed With The 'Friends' Dudes

The internet likes to deem the female  cast members as "#bff goals," and who could blame them; we've been blessed with many pictures of the gals hanging out together in real life! What's missing from these photos?

It doesn't take a long look to notice Jen is rarely photographed with the  dudes in a social setting. Wouldn't she be as tight with them?

5. Jen Believes In Having Zero Regrets

Jennifer Aniston would definitely be a contender for a celeb with bounds of perspective from her experience in the public eye, which makes sense as to why she has 

: "There are no regrets in life, just lessons" in reference to holding onto the past.

Jen could be totally sincere, but when the quote is applied to her career, how could she not regret anything?

4. Don't Ask Jen About 'The Rachel'

Some may advise not to "bite the hand that feeds you" when applied to success, but what if an element of success applies to your hairstyle?

Not many can empathize with this, but Jennifer can. "The Rachel" hairstyle has definitely played a role in her success, but wouldn't it make sense for Jen to be appreciative of the look? Not really, the look was 


3. Jen Likes To Be In Charge

Jen's beloved character Rachel Green is arguably known for her tendency to endlessly submit to Ross Gellar's wrongful relationship woes. Thankfully, Jen doesn't take after her character when it comes to this oft-discussed character trait!

Jen is the complete opposite of Rachel because she would rather  than crumble, and some may misinterpret a "take-charge" attitude that could lead to some potentially sketchy behavior.

2. Jen Holds Some Conflicting Public Opinions

While we applaud Jen for speaking about her past struggles with body image, some have brought attention to a few questionable factors relating to her body image ; she has been the cover girl for multiple outlets and the magazine covers are more on the adult side, while simultaneously calling out the treatment and discussion surrounding female body image.

So, what exactly is Jen's stance?

1. Jen May Be Way Too Nice

We've all seen Jen's impeccable sense for staying neutral about certain subjects and famous people in interviews, especially those famous people who have come and go from Jen's camp.

To be completely honest, we're all most hungry for dirt about Jen and her famous exes!

Even though Jen is notoriously a sweetheart, isn't it a bit "off" how well she gets  with Brad Pitt?

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