Here's What to Know About Every 'Yellowstone' Spinoff and Prequel Series

Yellowstone has expanded into a vast universe, with multiple spinoffs and prequels that add depth to the original storyline created by Taylor Sheridan. With four and a half seasons of Yellowstone already aired and the second half of the fifth season in progress, fans have plenty of content to enjoy. Alongside the main series, there are also spinoffs such as 1883, 1923, and 6666. Additionally, a new unnamed Yellowstone spinoff is in development, rumored to star Matthew McConaughey. While some of these shows are already available to stream, others are still awaiting their premiere. Keeping track of the various storylines and characters may seem daunting, but fear not! We have compiled a comprehensive guide to each Yellowstone spinoff series, ensuring you won't miss a single beat.

1883 takes us back to the late 1800s and showcases the origins of the powerful Dutton family in Montana. The prequel focuses on James and Margaret Dutton, portrayed by real-life country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. As the family migrates from Fort Worth, Texas to stake their claim in Montana, they face violent battles, familial hardships, and the perils of the lawless west. 1883 has aired its first season and is available for streaming on Paramount Plus.

Continuing the story from 1883 with a new generation of characters, 1923 follows the Dutton family as they navigate their newfound power and land ownership in Montana.

Season 1, which premiered in December 2022, introduces Cara and Jacob Dutton, portrayed by legendary Hollywood actors Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. The season delves into the challenges they face while defending their land during Prohibition and the Great Depression. Season 2 of 1923 is expected to release in 2024.

Taking a departure from the Montana setting, 6666 focuses on a real ranch in West Texas that shares its name with the series. Described as a modern-day Western, it promises to be a place where world-class cowboys are born and made, much like Yellowstone. Fans may recognize the 6666 ranch from its appearance in season 4 of Yellowstone when Jimmy was sent there to work.

While there is no news yet about the involvement of Jimmy or other Yellowstone characters in the series, fans can remain hopeful. The premiere date for 6666 is yet to be announced.

With these exciting spinoffs, the world of Yellowstone expands even further, captivating audiences with its interconnected stories and characters. Whether you're a fan of the original series or eager to explore the prequels and spinoffs, there's something for everyone in this ever-growing universe. Stay tuned for updates on the new Yellowstone spinoff and enjoy the journey through the Dutton family timeline.

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