‘1923’ Actor Says Season Two of ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-off Is It

Fans of the hit show "Yellowstone" have been through a rollercoaster of emotions this month. First, they received the devastating news that the show will end after its fifth season. And now, they have learned that the spin-off series "1923" will also come to an end after its second season. Just like any Taylor Sheridan drama, "1923" captivated audiences with its intense storyline. The show follows Jacob (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) as they fight to protect the Yellowstone ranch from ruthless ranchers and wealthy businessmen who want to exploit the land for their own gain. When "1923" first premiered, it was always intended as a two-season show.

With the constant extensions and reboots in today's entertainment industry, it was uncertain if the spin-off would continue beyond its initial story. However, Brandon Sklenar, who portrays Spencer Dutton on the show, confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that "1923" will indeed conclude after its second season. Sklenar emphasized that the series is "limited" and explained that it will have a definitive ending. He stated, "No, no, it's bookend. It's still limited, but I think of it as one piece — there’s just a split in the middle, but it’s all one piece.

It will conclude." While this news may disappoint fans of "1923," there is some good news on the horizon. Two new spin-offs of "Yellowstone" are in the works. One of them, called "Lawmen: Bass Reeves," is already in production in and around the Fort Worth area. The show stars actor David Oyelowo as the legendary lawman. Another spin-off, titled "6666," will focus on the character Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) and his new life as a criminal-turned-ranch hand at the Four Sixes ranch. So, while fans prepare to bid farewell to "1923," they can find solace in the fact that there will be more stories from the "Yellowstone" universe to look forward to.

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