Top 10 Best Yellowstone Characters

Yellowstone has become a beloved show, despite its characters' questionable actions. Whether they are part of the Dutton family or their opponents, these characters have captured the hearts of viewers. Here are the top 10 characters from Yellowstone, a show that has taken America by storm and become the most popular on television.

Since its debut in 2018, Yellowstone has captivated audiences with its fascinating characters created by Taylor Sheridan. The show offers more than just rodeos and ranch duties, as it delves into the lives of proud Native Americans, cutthroat businessmen, and environmental activists in a fictionalized version of Montana.

Now let's dive into the 10 best characters from Yellowstone. These rankings are based on the characters' charm, their ability to create drama, and their overall badassery. So saddle up and let's get started.

10. Summer Higgins:

While Summer may not be the most popular character, her impact on the show in Season 4 cannot be ignored. As an environmental activist, she initially opposes John Dutton's ideologies but ultimately falls for him. The dynamic between Summer and Beth, as Beth tries to get rid of her, provides hilarious moments.

9. Jimmy Hurdstrom:

Jimmy's character has evolved significantly throughout the show, going from a simple crook to a true cowboy.

His commitment to becoming a better man earns him the respect of his fellow ranch hands and even John Dutton himself. Jimmy's mistakes along the way contribute to his organic growth and endearing nature.

8. Mo:

Mo is a refreshing character amidst the selfish and violent individuals of Yellowstone. As Thomas Rainwater's right-hand man, he exemplifies wisdom and calmness, making him someone you'd want to be friends with and someone you'd hate to cross paths with.

7. Travis Wheatley:

It seems that Taylor Sheridan always chooses the coolest characters for himself, and his portrayal of Travis Wheatley is no exception.

Travis, a no-nonsense rodeo king and good friend of John Dutton, is characterized by his foul-mouthed bravado. Underneath his tough exterior, Travis proves to be a mentor to Jimmy, softening up over time.

6. Dan Jenkins:

Dan Jenkins represents one of the show's most convincing villains. Despite his desire to build a golf course and hotel, he encounters opposition from the people of Montana. Jenkins' sleazy and pathetic nature contributes to his downfall, involving being hanged, punched, and ultimately shot in the head.

5. Kayce Dutton:

Kayce, despite his high kill count, possesses the strongest moral compass among the Dutton family.

He is driven by a desire to protect his loved ones, resulting in his torn loyalties between his father and his wife and son. Kayce's ability to be both a cold-blooded killer and a compassionate family man makes him intensely likable.

4. Lloyd Pierce:

Lloyd, played by real-life cowboy Forrie J. Smith, brings authenticity and a heart of gold to the role of a ranch hand. Loyal and fatherly towards Rip, he plays a pivotal role in shaping Rip's character. Lloyd's defining moment comes when he reconciles with Walker, proving his ability to put pride aside and learn from his mistakes.

3. Beth Dutton:

Beth Dutton is the ultimate badass and an unstoppable force in the Yellowstone world.

Played with charisma and ferocity by Kelly Reilly, Beth manages to balance her power and vulnerability, making her a truly compelling character. Her resilience and ability to overcome deadly situations make her feel frighteningly real.

2. John Dutton:

Kevin Costner's portrayal of John Dutton has been instrumental in holding the show together. While John may not be a complex character, his dry humor and bullish approach to life make him endearing. Occasionally, he imparts pearls of wisdom that resonate deeply with viewers.

1. Rip Wheeler:

Rip's character has undergone a remarkable transformation from a man filled with hate to a loving husband, a father figure, and a trusted leader on the ranch.

His journey from an orphan to finding purpose and family at the Dutton Ranch is heartwarming, despite his violent tendencies.

Yellowstone offers a compelling cast of characters that have endeared themselves to audiences across America. Regardless of their flaws, their charm, complexity, and ability to captivate viewers have solidified their place as the best characters on the show.

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