'Blue Bloods' Star Donnie Wahlberg Says the Reagan Family Mirrors the Cast's Off-Screen Relationships

Just days after the 12th season of Blue Bloods, star of the hit series Donnie Wahlberg has opened up about the show's cast and how close everyone actually is.

During his recent appearance on The Talk, Wahlberg stated that he believes the Reagan family is getting closer. "I think it's really mirroring our relationships off-screen," he observed. He also recalled how the cast was shooting during the pandemic last year and how everyone really bonded through all that. 

"I think, in a much deeper way. And I think that's really resonating in the show," the Blue Bloods star declared. 

As previously reported, Wahlberg also spoke about the potential for a romantic relationship with his Blue Bloods partner, Detective Maria Baez (played by Marisa Ramirez). "See we have a feeling on this. Will Estes plays my younger brother on the show. Vanessa Ray plays his now-wife. They started off as partners. The minute they got together and got married, they don't have scenes anymore."

Ramirez also chiming about the discussion by stating she didn't want to be on the show if she didn't have scenes with her Blue Bloods partner.

Wahlberg went on to add, "We do laugh a lot. And there are times when we push it a little too far with our laughter outbreaks. But it makes the day so much fun."

Donnie Wahlberg Previously Spoke About Marissa Ramirez's Character Joining the Reagan Sunday Dinners on 'Blue Bloods' 

According to Parade, Donnie Wahlberg spoke about Marissa Ramirez's character joining the famous Reagan Sunday Dinners in one of the Season 11 Blue Bloods box set.

"It may have been a big turning point for their relationship," the Blue Bloods star declared. "They were really in a situation where they were vulnerable and at risk and kind of really let their guards down."

Wahlberg then said that Ramirez's Blue Bloods character said a lot of the same things she always says to his character. "But for whatever reason, the vulnerability that they faced in that moment in the basement, I think it finally got through."

When Wahlberg's character shared details about the passing of his brother Joe, he also said that he made a promise to never let his guard down.

"He realized how important she was to him on a much deeper level. Not only did it evolve their relationship, but it allowed me to evolve Danny a lot."

Wahlberg then said as an actor, he made the choice to really carry that kind of relationship forward through the entire Season 11 of Blue Bloods. The box set is now available.

As for Blue Bloods, the series has a total of 235 episodes. Starring with Wahlberg, Estes, Ramirez is Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, and Len Cariou. 

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