10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Rachel As A Character In Friends!

Jennifer Aniston recently shared a vacation photo on Instagram, according to and fans commented on her "beach hair" that was super wavy. Aniston also made headlines during her time on  for "The Rachel," her character's famous hairstyle of a long layered bob.

While Rachel Green is known for her hair, she is also a hilarious character who says many memorable quotes throughout the sitcom's 10 seasons, whether exchanging banter with Monica or complaining to Ross. Rachel's best lines show fans that she is an enthusiastic and optimistic character who can definitely be stubborn.

1. "I don't gossip.
Maybe sometimes I find out things..."

Rachel loves to gossip in season 5

There are many , but Rachel's love of gossip is pretty universal. When the other characters try to convince Rachel to stop talking about people, Rachel says that it's not her fault that she learns information and shares it.

Rachel's funniest scenes come from her lack of self-awareness, but she's also a relatable character because she has flaws that she doesn't always think about. Rachel knows who she is and doesn't necessarily want to change, and while that's not ideal, it's genuine and real.

2. "Some stupid paleontology word that I wouldn't know..."

Rachel sees that Ross wrote a pro and con list about her

In the season 2 episode "The One With The List," Rachel discovers that Ross wrote a list of pros and cons about her, calling her "just a waitress." Rachel proves that she has a tendency to lash out when she's hurt, as she insults Ross's profession instead of telling him that he has upset her.

Rachel has every right to be mad because the list is so mean, but calling Ross's beloved career "stupid" proves that she can be immature at times.

Although Ross and Rachel's romance is such an important part of , it can sometimes be tough to watch how awkward the two are as they have a lot of miscommunications over the course of the sitcom.

3. "That was pretty obvious."

Rachel steals Phoebe's literary criticism in season 5

In the season 5 episode The One with Ross's Sandwich," Phoebe and Rachel go to a literature class together, and when Phoebe shares a smart take on , Rachel steals her words to impress the teacher.

When Rachel is in the wrong, she will often shut people down.

Instead of apologizing to Phoebe and admitting that she was wrong, Rachel doubles down, pretending that anyone would know how to interpret the book in that way. Rachel's ability to believe that she is always right is both hilarious and frustrating.

4. "Time was what you needed to gain just a little perspective."

Rachel talks to Ross about their "break"

The can't be solved easily.

 Rachel doesn't admit that she had a part to play in their relationship problems and praises Ross for being mature and thinking carefully about what he did wrong.

Ross doesn't love hearing this, of course, and this quote also shows that when it comes to this topic, Rachel isn't going to budge. She believes that she has been a perfect partner and that there isn't anything that she needs to work on. This is a time when Rachel's stubbornness and self-confidence cause trouble in her life.

5. "People love to hear that!"

Rachel is upset with Monica in season 5

In season 5, Monica decides to help Rachel with her dating life, but when Rachel wants to confess her love for Ross, Monica isn't pleased. Rachel shows her optimistic personality when she tells Monica that anyone would be thrilled to hear that someone cares about them so much.

Rachel could simply say that Monica can't tell her what to do and that she has decided to tell Ross how she feels, but instead, Rachel is as exuberant and passionate as she always is when talking about any subject but particularly her love life.

6. "Please. You wanted to get caught!"

Rachel is mad Monica went out for lunch with a friend in season 2

In a hilarious season 2 storyline, Monica has a lunch and shopping date with a friend, and Rachel is jealous that Monica has connected with someone else. Rachel is upset and serious when she says that Monica wanted Rachel to find out about it.

This quote shows that Rachel likes to say what she's feeling and she doesn't believe in hiding her emotions.

It also proves that while Rachel is friends with the others, Rachel has a special bond with Monica that will never end, which is why Rachel doesn't love thinking about Monica being so close to someone else.

7. "I mean, what's the big deal? People do it all the time."

Rachel likes Joey in season 9

Although Rachel and Joey's relationship is a , Rachel's explanation to Monica of why it's okay that she wants to date Joey is hilarious. Rachel doesn't like when people underestimate her or tell her that she can't do something, and she especially feels insulted when Monica tries to give her advice about love.

Rachel is stubborn and will argue her point until the other person gives up and agrees with her. Instead of just shrugging and telling Monica that she will figure this out on her own, Rachel says that many people date their friends. Rachel likes to be right and she has a deep need for her friends to see things from her perspective.

8. "Oh thank you, I love you!"

Rachel is thrilled to leave Central Perk in season 3

Rachel is excited to be hired at Fortuna Fashions, as she thinks that she can stop pouring coffee, but that ends up being one of the duties that her boss gives her.

Before Rachel learns the truth, though, she gets a thrilling phone call and tells the person who offers her the job that she loves them.

While most people would never say this in a professional situation, Rachel can't help but be enthusiastic when something finally goes right in her life. This quote tells fans so much about Rachel, especially the fact that she has struggled to find her place in the world and figure out what career she wants to have.

9. "Why would people stay in such a demeaning job..."

Rachel wants a better job in season 3

In season 3, Rachel says the hilarious quote that she doesn't know why people stay in a position "just because it's remotely related to the field they're interested in." This is one of the  because while Rachel is complaining about her job, she is really alluding to the important question of wondering how long to stay at a certain job.

This quote is also pure Rachel as sometimes, she struggles to relate to other people or understand why they want to work hard and be productive and organized. Rachel has moments when she wants to throw in the towel as she often hopes that life will magically become easier.

10. "Who's FICA? Why is he getting all my money?"

Rachel is upset with her Central Perk paycheck in season 1

While Rachel grows and becomes a parent and commits to Ross at the end of the series, she is fairly ditzy and still has a lot to learn about being an adult in season 1. Rachel is surprised that her first Central Perk paycheck is so small and admits that she doesn't know what FICA is.

While Rachel's friends are surprised about her confusion, this quote proves that Rachel has been pampered for much of her life. Now that she has left Barry and is living on her own, she has to figure out how to support herself and at times, Rachel is lost and confused. Rachel doesn't mind admitting when she doesn't know something, which is a relatable personality trait.

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