Sean Penn Commends Matthew Perry's 'Bold' Honesty About Addiction Before 'Tragic' Death!

Sean Penn paid tribute to Matthew Perry in a recent interview, praising both his talent as an actor and his bravery in confronting his addiction. Penn, who knew Perry from his guest role on Friends, revealed that he had recently seen Perry at the airport and complimented him on his book, even though he hadn't read it. 

However, he had seen interviews where Perry discussed his struggles with addiction, and Penn admired his intelligence and boldness in addressing the issue. Perry tragically passed away at the age of 54 from an apparent drowning, leaving behind a legacy of joy and entertainment. Penn, who has personal experience with addiction through his son, expressed empathy and said he was not surprised by Perry's passing, as he knew that years of substance abuse had taken a toll on his organs.


Despite the sadness surrounding Perry's death, Penn wished his family well and recognized the impact he had made through his talent. Friends costars, including Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc, also paid tribute to Perry, expressing their devastation and fond memories of working with him. The article concludes by mentioning that the interview with Penn aired on Piers Morgan's show and invites readers to sign up for a free daily newsletter for more celebrity news.

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