Will Jimmy Appear In ‘6666’ After His ‘Yellowstone’ Departure?

Taylor Sheridan doesn't have enough TV shows yet, or at least, that's what one can conclude by how he's cranking them out as fast as people can watch them. One project that hasn't received quite enough revelations yet is a series that will greatly interest Yellowstone devotees.

That would be 6666, which doesn't have a release date yet, but the way things are going with Kevin Costner's non-return to the flagship series, there's a joke to be made about how 6666 could conceivably arrive before the back end of Yellowstone Season 5. Considering that 1883 went well with fans, and 1923 went even better (due to the combined power of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren), a third spinoff would be welcome at any point.

Granted, we do not yet know whether 6666 will overlap with the planned Matthew McConaughey spinoff, or if they will be separate projects.

That's how well 6666's development has been shrouded in secrecy. The strikes by writers and actors haven't helped matters, either, but there have been questions on whether Yellowstone's Ryan Bingham and Jefferson White could reprise their ranch-hand roles in spinoff mode. As for the latter, his departure as Jimmy in the Season 4 finale seems like a convenient detail.

Jimmy spent most of his Season 4 time at the 6666 Ranch (both on or offscreen), and that seems too convenient to be mere coincidence. As well, Sheridan purchased the real-life sprawling property with designs for shooting much more content on location. So, it would certainly make sense if Jimmy was part of that long-game plan, and the cowboy soap operatics will soon keep kicking in a new location, no matter what happens to Yellowstone: 

Let's take a peek at the 6666 synopsis:

Founded when Comanches still ruled West Texas, no ranch in America is more steeped in the history of the West than the 6666.

Still operating as it did two centuries before, and encompassing an entire county, the 6666 has inspired a new scripted series where the rule of law and the laws of nature merge in a place where the most dangerous thing one does is the next thing. The 6666 is synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world-class cowboys are born and made.

Fingers crossed for a 6666 release date soon.

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