Dead City's 2 Big Character Deaths Set A Bad Precedent For All Future Walking Dead Spinoffs

The recent deaths of Tommaso and Amaia in The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 5 have set a concerning precedent for future spinoffs of the popular show. While it is natural for spinoffs to introduce new characters, these deaths suggest that the franchise may not be interested in developing new heroes and is instead focused solely on its existing stars.

The deaths of Tommaso and Amaia were ruthlessly economical. They served their purpose in the story by providing crucial knowledge and support to Maggie and Negan in their fight against the Croat. Once their usefulness was exhausted, the show quickly disposed of them, with their deaths lacking any meaningful significance. This sends a message that the franchise no longer valued their characters once their role in the plot was fulfilled. This raises concerns about the upcoming spinoffs featuring Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes. The deaths of Tommaso and Amaia suggest that new characters introduced in these spinoffs may only serve to prop up the existing stars and may not be given proper development or longevity.

While it makes sense for a spinoff centered on Maggie and Negan to focus primarily on them, this approach limits the potential for the Walking Dead universe to grow and expand. Introducing new characters who can become fan favorites would provide more opportunities for the franchise to explore and diversify its storytelling. However, by prioritizing the existing stars, the franchise may be missing out on these opportunities. Despite this troubling trend, there is still hope for the supporting cast of Dead City.

It is possible that some characters, such as Ginny and Perlie, may survive and continue to play a role in future seasons or spinoffs. Ginny, in particular, could represent the new generation of characters being built within the franchise. In the end, the deaths in Dead City episode 5 raise questions about the franchise's commitment to creating new heroes and expanding the Walking Dead universe. While it is understandable to focus on established characters in spinoffs, it is also important to give the supporting cast the opportunity to shine and grow. Whether the franchise will address these concerns in future spinoffs remains to be seen.

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